What's your favorite scary movie?

Discussion in 'TV, Video & Film' started by DuranWolf, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. T-LARC

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    I live in my head too much, and I have experience in the past with family members who were trapped in theirs. So watching the terrified and confused protagonist's mind slowly unravel hit me harder than it may have hit most. That's probably why I find it so scary - the implications that come not with dying, but with slowly coming apart.

    But woot, someone else has watched it! ^^
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  2. MrPhox

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    You should fix your "title" with horror movie. Scary movies is not the same ^^

    I don't watch horror movies because I find it a lot are pathetic, so stupid peoples and just not scary, just badly made.
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  3. tuan_tr1910

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    No favorite movie cause i never watch the second time :D:D:D
  4. Sogreth

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    I don't have any D: I don't do well with scary/horror movies. I'm a chicken shit. I won't even watch The Walking Dead by myself. >.<
  5. Beatle9

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    That's a pretty hard question for me.
    As of right now, and this is probably a weird three way tie, but for me it's probably a toss up between the original Alien, the Conjuring 2, and recently Get Out.

    Some honorable mentions include:
    The Conjuring
    It Follows
    Cabin in the Woods
    Silence of the Lambs
    Green Room
    The Haunting (1963)
    The Others
    The Thing
    and Misery

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