What's your opinion on aesthetics when buying commissions?

Discussion in 'Art and Illustration' started by Kattling, Nov 14, 2017.


How important do you think "aesthetics" are when buying commissions?

  1. Very important! I don't buy unless the artist's page looks professional.

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  2. I don't really think about it, but I guess I trust the artist more if their page looks nice.

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  3. I don't really care - if the art looks nice and I want it, I'll buy it!

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  1. Kattling

    Kattling New Member

    I've been wondering, how important do you think the aesthetics of the person's page are when buying commissions? I'm talking nice banners, an icon that ties in, nice colours, a well constructed page, etc. Just making things look nice, I guess, instead of the default page/website options, or a badly constructed page. This is separate from the artist's reputation, I'm talking purely about aesthetics.

    For me personally, I think I would trust the artist more if the page looked nice - that way they've clearly put some work into it, and it looks less like they're going to pop up a commission shop, take my money and run. What do you think?

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