What's your recent musical discovery?

Discussion in 'Music and Audio' started by Rmania, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Helios276

    Helios276 Guest

    Refer to the post above.
  2. TeslaSkunk

    TeslaSkunk Guest

    I sometimes listen to stuff from the Red Army Choir, not folk i know, but its where it started off for me. That or you can see the stuff just posted
  3. Rmania

    Rmania Member

    I was catching up on a radio station i listen to earlier today whilst reading a book and this came on. I bought it straight away and it made reading rather relaxing.

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  4. Athos Greenwoof

    Athos Greenwoof New Member

    I'm more of a classical music guy, but I rediscovered Within Temptation recently and the songs bring me a lot of nostalgic memories (I used to listen to their music years ago). Also a friend showed me a couple of Spanish folk metal bands, and as long as they don't contain any screaming, i can get to enjoy the songs a lot (don't ask why they have to be Spanish, they just seem more folk-y and I understand the language)
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  5. I'm primarily a Metalhead, with some mainstream stuff that I like (Stromae, Avicii, Adelle, etc.) but recently I've come across some really aggressive EDM, called Hardcore. I've known about it a long time since it was the main form of House in The Netherlands for a long time in the 90's, but only recently have I found a DJ that doesn't sound like just random noise. I like how the effects/voices enhance the kick of that bassline, and the buildup to the drop is SOOOOO amazing! The speed is also something I like, since I tend to enjoy faster music over slow relaxing music.

  6. Blu-wolf

    Blu-wolf Blu-ray howl!

    Been listening to a lot of jazz fusion lately. One group I found that I've enjoyed is called Hiroshima. They've been around since the 1980s and are still releasing albums.

    Amazon.com: hiroshima: CDs & Vinyl
  7. CoolWildGroovy

    CoolWildGroovy Show Me Your Brave Heart!

    Just bought this and am in LOVE with it aaaah. Really love finding small bands.
  8. tucakeane

    tucakeane Active Member

    Wouldn't really call it a "discovery", because I'd heard of Ween since they appeared in the South Park episode of "Chef Aid", which I saw when it first came out. Then heard them perform "Fancy Pants" on Crank Yankers a few years later and enjoyed it. As I got older and started going to shows that was one of the songs that would come on between bands at my favorite concert hall. It was toe-tapping but also kinda silly, so I thought "ugh, not for me."
    One day, about a year ago- I decided to listen to "Fancy Pants" again and let Youtube play another song from their album. Blew me away. Their station on my Pandora is my best station and I play it all the time at work.

  9. tucakeane

    tucakeane Active Member

    But if you like acoustic reggae and island music, check out Nahko.
  10. MaximusLupis

    MaximusLupis Hipster Snob

    I was tweeting about Crying's new album the day it came out and my friend pointed me towards Jeff Rosenstock's WORRY. which released on the same day.

    Its quickly become one of my favourite albums of all time
  11. redfox7777

    redfox7777 New Member

    My last discovery was the genre electro swing and the funny thing is that the first video I've seen on youtube was with anthropomorphic animals ^_^
  12. Badger94

    Badger94 I am the world's forgotten boy

    Blue October, specifically calling you, hate me, into the ocean. The Killers, specifically spaceman, mr.brightside, all these things that ive done, when you were young. These bands/songs arnt new to me, but Ive rediscovered them and they've just resonated with me so much and I cant stop playing them all one after the other. Recently Ive been struggling and these songs describe my emotions better than I can. I feel too much, it gets confusing and usually I dont even know what im feeling, just if its good or bad. Sorry for party rocking fellow furs.
  13. heteroclite

    heteroclite Everone is a hologram

    I discovered Cake recently.
    All hail Cake.
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  14. Chups

    Chups New Member

    I knew electro swing but not this one ! This one is really great and the animation is incredible
  15. heteroclite

    heteroclite Everone is a hologram

    I was reintroduced to Johnny Cash by my dad back in December.
  16. TheRealKingKoopa

    TheRealKingKoopa Pixel Junkie

    Forza Horizon 3 introduced me to this. Definitely one of the most fun hip-hop songs I've heard.
  17. Xaroin

    Xaroin Sprsh

    I've had Bohemian Rhypsody stuck in my head for about a week.
  18. Storok

    Storok 670 blp

    i cant get Kid Cudi & Kanye West with "Erase Me" out of my head
  19. Okami_No_Heishi

    Okami_No_Heishi Very Happily Married For 16 And A Half Years

    Temper Trap, The Naked And Famous, and Young The Giant.
  20. nerdbat

    nerdbat Green butt of reason

    Talking Heads - Remain in Light. My first album this year, and the one I enjoy a lot. It has a somewhat legendary status (as far as appearing in many "best albums in history" lists), but i avoided it for a long time, since I'm not really into long-winded Doors-esque rock (which is what I thought of this band after listening to "Psycho Killer"). Damn I was misled - it's some of the funkiest, catchiest, most intricate New Wave I ever heard in my life.


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