What's your recent musical discovery?

Discussion in 'Music and Audio' started by Rmania, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Loreleir

    Loreleir The vintage banjo of your dreams

    @aloveablebunny That reminds me of when Caravan Palace came to my city and I couldn't make it TnT

    I recently got a song pack on Deemo and it had this song. I really like it. I'll have to look into more of Ujico*'s stuff. :)
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  2. Catolo

    Catolo The local coffee addict

    Recently I started to get into Southern music...hillbilly?...I'm not sure what it is. But I started listening to these bands that have a new noise i haven't heard considering todays norm!

    The Dead South

    Mitch King

    The Devil Makes Three

    Bonus! Modern swing(?)
    Big Bad Vodoo Daddy
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  3. aloveablebunny

    aloveablebunny Well-Known Member

    I think the music style you're looking for is a mix of Indie, folk, and bluegrass. I dig it!
  4. ChromaticRabbit

    ChromaticRabbit lagomorphic

    This came out the other week, interesting/ambitious visuals, trippy sci-fi narrative:

  5. Shoiyo

    Shoiyo The grumpy skunk

    Julien Baker - Her music is so touching, heart-felt, and easy on the ears.

  6. AkuroZinnui

    AkuroZinnui Femboy Music producer, at your service~

    It's more a genre than a band/artist, buuuuuuut....................JUMPSTYLE!!!!!!!! I wanna start producing this so bad but I got stuff to do before that ;-;

  7. Catolo

    Catolo The local coffee addict

    I don't know. But I do know this!
    "Everybody is a bit of a cunt sometimes!"

  8. ChromaticRabbit

    ChromaticRabbit lagomorphic

  9. P_Dragon

    P_Dragon Well-Known Member

    Coucheron, thanks to Marketplace. They make a regular habit of choosing some sweet (IMO) music for the breaks
  10. Karatine

    Karatine cat

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  11. My recent discovery, great jam after a listening a few times
  12. MadKiyo

    MadKiyo Villainous Fly

    I don't know how I went through life not knowing this band existed, but this is the best speed metal I've ever heard.

  13. Fuzzylumkin

    Fuzzylumkin Fuzzbutt

    just bought my first pepper coyote cd at anthro northwest... eh... I really WANT to like them because of what they sing about, but I cant get over the whole country sound to them.
  14. Sarcastic Coffeecup

    Sarcastic Coffeecup Hand. Cannot. Erase.

    I really like Thievery's album Saudade. All around a brilliant album that one.

    I've been listening to a lot of atmospheric metal lately. Sort of a brother for post rock, only a bit rougher.
    Most of the albums are just background music tbh, but it's alright mood music for stuff that requires you to be aggressive and calm at the same time, such as flying combat simulators.
    Currently listening to:

    It's kinda mediocre tbh, but still listenable.
  15. Nimilex

    Nimilex Sir Rapid-Response-Wolfinton

    Beast in Black

    normally i don't listen to this kind of music i prefer 80's but this song has something special ;)

    While writing this I discovered another nice Song :D

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  16. Nimilex

    Nimilex Sir Rapid-Response-Wolfinton

    Yeah me too as an example i like Katyusha I listen very often to it
  17. Dongding

    Dongding The sheep

    Michael Jackson. Gettin' into his stuff real good lately.

    Elvis too.
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  18. Scales42

    Scales42 MLG Snake

    HELL YEAH! \m/

    I was literally about to post beast in black :D
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  19. Nimilex

    Nimilex Sir Rapid-Response-Wolfinton

  20. Scales42

    Scales42 MLG Snake

    old but gold, cant believe it took me so long to find it
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  21. Nimilex

    Nimilex Sir Rapid-Response-Wolfinton

    Your Song reminds me of one of my favourites.

    Two years ago I discovered this song ( that was before Trump used it for his shit) and I learned how to play it on my bass guitar.
    I like it very much!

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  22. ChromaticRabbit

    ChromaticRabbit lagomorphic

    Ti Amo Speciale - Ti Amo
  23. ChromaticRabbit

    ChromaticRabbit lagomorphic

  24. LupusFamilia

    LupusFamilia Brother of the Dead

    And you dare to hide this information from me?
    Awesome neil young song, i thought he's much more chillly o.o
    Where people like you hid the last years? I really start to like you.
    And uh, to the topic of origin:
    I last night discovered this here

    found it cool, i made me a note to check them out soon.
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  25. Nimilex

    Nimilex Sir Rapid-Response-Wolfinton

    It's satire.

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