When is a suit no longer the product of its maker

Discussion in 'Fursuiting and Costuming' started by brian577, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. brian577

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    So if I have a fursuit by a well known maker who has photo ops at cons and if I replace parts of the suit with another makers, when am I no longer welcome? If I replace the head? The body? Any part? What are the rules for this kind of thing?
  2. That's a very interesting question, I've never thought of that before!
  3. shapeless0ne

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    hmmmmm, I would say that depends on the maker.....however that's not very helpful at all. I do know it's fine if your replacing broken, faded, or stained parts of this suit assuming the fur-suit maker is decent.
  4. Alstren

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    Not that familiar with fursuiting but why wouldn't you be "welcome"? You payed for the suit didn't you?

    Also kinda reminds me of the philosophical thought experiment about the axe that has its head break and replaced and then the same to its handle.
  5. shapeless0ne

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    well alstren, as with all works of art the creators feel a certain level of attachment to it.....for some making changes to a work of their art is like giving a tattoo to their child.
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  6. Technically you don't need the creator's permission to replace parts of your fursuit, but maybe get their "blessing" so to speak?

    I mean like instead of just not fixing the issues you have with the suit or showing up to the photo op in something brand new, let them know in advance that some parts have been changed or touched up?

    All honesty if you're not getting an entirely new suit it's not really the original creator's business what modifications you make to it.
  7. HallowQueen

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    practically thinking, heads are the most notable portion of any suit and i think would be the determining factor outside of all emotional attachments!
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  8. KiokuChan

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    If you are unsure whether you could/should go to a photo shoot it's probably best to ask the maker themselves.
  9. KiokuChan

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    I'm guessing the purpose of the photo shoot may be for the artist to get pictures of their work in action. Therefore if it's not longer their work they may not want to show it as part of such a display. Also if they are going to post it as a photoshoot of their costumes wouldn't they possibly have to mention that they didn't make to avoid claiming someone else's work or false advertising? I can see how it could make things awkward for them.

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