Where can I find the advancement of the new FA?

Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by nina-design-fox243, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. do you know where I could find informations about the 'new' FA ?
    I know the staff is supposed to change the coding so it would be better to improve the main site, but I cannot find any good informations about what is happening at the moment.

    Since I would appreciate if I was able to change my username, I would like to know when I'll be able (and I also want to follow the new things that we will be able to do when the coding will be change
  2. jayhusky

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    Information related to the rewrite of FA is normally found in fenders journals (found here.
    Until a couple of years ago, the actual code was visible via a public repository, but has since been removed, for unspecified reasons.

    However, Dragoneer recently mentioned that the possibility of being able to change a username (mainsite only), may be coming along in the near future, but with some limitations to the feature.

    As for finding out when you'll be able, there is no set timetable on the rewrite and it can take any amount of time. So you may find yourself waiting for a fairly long time.
    The last I heard of the project it was at 80% completion, but do keep in mind, that was well over a year ago at the very least.
  3. I think it's better to hide the coding so bad people should have at least more difficulties to hack the website (it's my opinion)

    thank you for guiding me onto theses journals, I can now simply wait with patience
  4. jayhusky

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    Well, it's dependant on viewpoint really. Personally I'm more inclined to open source code, as the community can help provide patches and tweaks for it. Granted some bits should be kept private.

    Not a problem, your best bets for finding any information about it are Fender, Dragoneer and Yak.

    Typically the news about it would come from the Fender Journals, or Dragoneer, but Yak's journals are equally useful as they detail updates to certain bits of the site like the BBCode parser among other things.

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