Where did you get your name from?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Sogreth, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. ChapterAquila92

    ChapterAquila92 Resident Bronze Dragon Kasrkin

    I'm such a Warhammer fan...
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  2. Sarachaga

    Sarachaga You gain Brouzouf

    Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't have called myself MrDeathGuard40k xp
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  3. ILikeWaffles

    ILikeWaffles -Insert Title Here-

    I was eating waffles and needed a username, and so, a new probably unoriginal name was born.
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  4. Martin2W

    Martin2W Tombstone The Huggable Sergal

    I keep my fursonas name in secret (so far) but I brainstormed it. Just let your brains to compile cool name.
  5. PlusThirtyOne

    PlusThirtyOne What DOES my username mean...?

    i got my name from my parents. :V
    As for the one in my avatar, it's more fun to keep peeps guessing.
    Hint: it has far less to do with math and numbers than you think.
  6. Ieatcrackersandjumpcliffs

    Ieatcrackersandjumpcliffs Fighter of the Nightman

    I used to have this very old account on YouTube before YT got raped by Google and tanked the site. And it was called Jumpacliff because I spend hours thinking of a name to only find out it is used. So I was watching TV and saw cliff divers jump off, well, cliffs. And thus! Jumpacliff. Then I removed that account and made a new one called Ieatcrackers. And then I got bored of YouTube and came here to stir some shit up with some fellow YouTubers and chose to combine both my YT names and thus! Ieatcrackersandjumpcliffs was born. And boy do I still love this name. ^^
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  7. Iriastar

    Iriastar Rawr.

    My name comes from my tiger character in an old MMO I used to play. Vanguard SOH. He was my main. Oh how I miss that game. Had the best tiger race I've seen. And the world was fantastic.
    As for the name itself, I thought of the best possible combination I could come up with at the moment. I stared at the char creation screen for quite long, walked around... trying to weave my fav letters and sounds together with concepts that described my manner of being.
  8. biscuitfister

    biscuitfister Anyone want thier biscuit fisted?

    *fists a biscuit*

    Thats pretty much it
  9. srcs

    srcs New Member

    generated four random characters. guaranteed to not be reserved on most sites when i try to register.
  10. MrrMiddyNight

    MrrMiddyNight Midnight

    mr midnight fran bow - Google zoeken :p
    I got so madly in love with that character back when I followed Markipliers playthrough.
    The ending was just stunning and made me cry very hard, that's when I made this up. Not the most original but I like it.
  11. Cindermin

    Cindermin New Member

    Warrior Cats Cinderheart
  12. Crimson_Steel17

    Crimson_Steel17 The night is my solace; the day is my prime

    Took two names off a list of wolf-appropriate names I found... and it made sense at the time. I don't see myself changing it, though.
    As for the appearance, well, I pretty much fell upon my furriness in a fashion stemming from dark circumstances (hence the black base coat), and then some kind of homage to my college (hence red and not purple... if I had a purple canine, I'd have a problem because that's basically UW's mascot in a nutshell). The rest was just making him mine.
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  13. Okami_No_Heishi

    Okami_No_Heishi Very Happily Married For 16 And A Half Years

    Okami No Heishi means Wolf Soldier in the Japanese language. I knew okami meant wolf long before a video game of same name came out. Decades before.
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  14. nerdbat

    nerdbat Green butt of reason

    Welp, I like bats, and I'm a freaking dork, so that was the only logical conclusion ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    It's outdated though, and nowadays I use "Greenbutt" as a nickname, because it's a bit more universal, has humor to it, and my OC has a very green butt indeed.
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  15. Sogreth

    Sogreth Local Cuddle Bear and Wannabe Writer

    I was actually meaning to ask you about that. I love Okami, such a great game :3
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  16. Okami_No_Heishi

    Okami_No_Heishi Very Happily Married For 16 And A Half Years

    Bhutrflai actually bought it for Christmas, but still havent played it. Time!!###
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  17. Sogreth

    Sogreth Local Cuddle Bear and Wannabe Writer


    It's such an amazing game!
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  18. Okami_No_Heishi

    Okami_No_Heishi Very Happily Married For 16 And A Half Years

    Maybe when I get some free time. Bhutrflai already has mixed feelings about my Furry addiction.
  19. Sogreth

    Sogreth Local Cuddle Bear and Wannabe Writer

    She'll warm up to it :)

    She loves us, you know she does.
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  20. Okami_No_Heishi

    Okami_No_Heishi Very Happily Married For 16 And A Half Years


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