Where did you get your name from?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Sogreth, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. Rust

    Rust RustHeart

    Years ago i started playing a game called 'Marapets' and there was a kind of pet I really wanted called a Rusty. Since I was young and stupid I got banned from this website a few times which meant that I had to make new accounts. I used to be called 'CarlyJen47' but when I was banned I made an account called 'BrownRustys' which was the color of the rustys I wanted. I got banned, again, because I was stupid and made a new account called 'RustyTwins' which was the name of the quests to get a rusty. Currently my user on that website is 'RustHeart' which is my typical name. Since I always had rust or rusty in my name people on the website would call me Rusty as a nickname and it just stuck. My full name is Rust Heart and my nickname is Rusty. The Rust Heart thing is just a referance to the old days when i was really into the warriors books.
  2. pippi

    pippi Stinky Skunk

    I've been called Pipp in real life for at least 13 years now, and Pippi Longstocking has always been a fictional hero of mine, so that is my name.
  3. Caukoumouaudge

    Caukoumouaudge New Member

    I Just made mine up...
  4. Bluey Grifter

    Bluey Grifter Member

    Mine came to me just this weekend! I'm a husky but wanted more colour and I think a shock of blue mane would look great. My human side likes red best, not so as Bluey Grifter! The 'surname' is because I'm into all things 1980s and love the Grifter bicycle. Plus it's a bit funny, a bit cheeky, a bit Yiffter haha! In all seriousness... I really struggled with the name!
  5. Square-Wave_Kittycat

    Square-Wave_Kittycat The Mewsician

    My username comes from the wave form square wave, as I do a lot of electronic music. And I really, really like cats. Put them together and you get Square-Wave_Kittycat.
  6. -Praydeth-

    -Praydeth- The Trickster coyote.

    Destiny the video game to be specific. (Good god my addiction to that game is more like a Stockholm syndrome than anything)
  7. Karatine

    Karatine cat

    I was sitting in Zoology, and our teacher was lecturing us on the usefulness of a tissue called keratin. She pronounced it as "keratine". To me, that sounded like a name. So eventually, when I made this account, I remembered keratine and it became my name. Except I spelled it with an extra "a" :oops: the pronunciation is still the same though! "K-air-ah-teen"
  8. Piccolora

    Piccolora Like No One Ever Was

    My name is a cross between Piccolo and my name.
  9. Singlespeed

    Singlespeed 24...24...24...24

    I like gearless bicycles, so i named my Sona, Singlespeed (even though its actually Jay Weatherby).
  10. Mayple

    Mayple Bunbun

    Actually made this sona with my ex 9v9; Whom she is still mated to basically... but we named ourselves kind of based where we live. Maple because Canada, Tex for Texas, etc. c:
  11. Kaprima

    Kaprima woof

    I've gone by Nemu for awhile on a lot of games and sites, which means sleepy.. so I wanted something similar for my sona, I ended up with Nomu, which means thirsty (and it looks/sounds pretty similar!)
    Neurein/Neura were just names I made up
    and Kaprima/Kap is based off of my favorite boss from an mmo (but really I just like the name a lot)!
  12. Ketren

    Ketren Member

    I was browsing through names on-line and found "Seff", meaning "a wolf" in Hebrew, and "Seda" meaning "forest voices". I've yet to use Seda for a a character, but someday.

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