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Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by Wither, Apr 19, 2017.

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  1. quoting_mungo

    quoting_mungo Administrator Staff Member

    Given that this is a thread in Site Discussion, I'm going to ask that people try to maintain some minimum level of constructiveness. A few of you have managed to present rational arguments for why you'd like Rants & Raves back. I appreciate that, and we're happy to consider such arguments.

    The rest of you, please knock it off. If you're going to shitpost or snipe at people, you're just providing an argument against bringing the R&R section back.
  2. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    Open Chat currently exists and serves the same purpose, there really is no reason to bring back R&R in an attempt to turn the forum back into a salt pit. Besides, that sub-form already exists over at Phoenixed which the old community created after they destroyed this site over the whole NDA debacle, most of which that drama happened in R&R.
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  3. lupi900

    lupi900 Active Member

    R&R was nothing but a joke, it just decayed into the old community finding any excuse to be jerks or go on how furs are freaks. The whole 2edgy4u attuide the old users had got very old fast.
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  4. SSJ3Mewtwo

    SSJ3Mewtwo Administrator Staff Member

    Because the question was answered already, I'm going to close this up to prevent if from derailing.
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