Which is more fun: A fursuit based on yourself, or one with a completely different perosnality?

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  1. Belatucadros

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    With a fursuit that's based on yourself, you can't really do anything other than act like yourself. If I ever got my gryphon made into a fursuit, it wouldn't make sense for me to stomp around and act all tough; My fursona isn't supposed to be tough, so I would have to act like my normal self. Acting out a character that is totally unlike yourself seems like way more fun, since you can be a completely different individual. On the other hand, I can also understand how it would be nice to just be yourself, and I would enjoy that as well.

    Of course this is all about personal preference, so I'd love to hear other thoughts on this!
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  2. goodmutt

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    I use my character Razka to explore and exaggerate certain parts of my own personality. So when I'm in suit, I use it as a chance to really get my mind into certain qualities that are already part of me. I use the suit and his character as an excuse to be more care-free and relaxed, and put my real-life worries on the back-burner for a bit. It's kinda like a mood check/balance, and a creative exercise to discover new parts of myself :3
    I've considered developing multiple sonas for this purpose; to explore other facets of my personality and be more mindful of the different parts of me that make up... me!
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  3. Yakamaru

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    Being myself would allow myself to act and behave however I wish, considering that's how I am. Quite frankly, IMO, it wouldn't be limiting in any manner.
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    @goodmutt @Yakamaru

    You both are correct. I'm usually quite the bright and energetic person, but I don't really show that in public. In a suit which is supposed to be me, I'd be much more comfortable with letting out my natural personality; which would be awesome. In a way, we're all characters. A fursuit lets you play out your natural character in a different physical form.
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    I completely agree. Well said!
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