Who here plays on PS4?

Discussion in 'PC and Console Gaming' started by Renven, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. Renven

    Renven Member

    Really a simple question. I just wanna ask what games you play on it. I personally love playing let it die (uncle death is bae), Borderlands the handsome collection, and titanfall 2. I just kinda want to know who is playing what and get some opinions. btw if you play let it die, you are automatically good in my book
  2. -Praydeth-

    -Praydeth- The Trickster coyote.

    Whelp I do but no one cares about destiny do they.
  3. Renven

    Renven Member

    You'd love my friend Josh. 500+ hours. On Xbox tho
  4. -Praydeth-

    -Praydeth- The Trickster coyote.

  5. Renven

    Renven Member

  6. -Praydeth-

    -Praydeth- The Trickster coyote.

    It feels like Stockholm syndrome man tough there is one friend on steam.

    DC universe online-8900 hours
  7. Dewclaw Silvertail

    Dewclaw Silvertail Alpha of RiSk Gaming (PS4)

    I play Call of Duty Bo3, MWR and AW, Minecraft, Killing Floor and Titanfall 2
    if that is the type of thing your looking for,
    my PSN ID is
    or just search fur : Dewclaw K-R Silvertail
  8. Beatle9

    Beatle9 Asexual coywolf and amateur writer.

    Probably play my PS4 more than my computer.
    Right now I've been playing a lot of Rocket League. I honestly think it's my favorite multiplayer game, I'm almost always in the mood to play that online with people.
    Other than that, I mostly play a lot of single player games, like Resident Evil 7, GTAV, Alien: Isolation, and a whole mess of others.
  9. console fags

    it's a joke, chill


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