Why is the Furry Fandom frowned upon by mainstream society?

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  1. Anthropomorphic characters are literally seen everywhere in our society, from characters in Disney to mascots and such. The idea of animals with human characteristics are normalized in our society, yet when someone says they are a Furry, there is a negative connotation to it? In a sense, there really is a large population that likes anthropomorphic characters. To what extent does it take for someone to be considered a furry?
  2. Yakamaru

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    Because of the image and reputation the fandom itself have.

    Only the Furry fandom in particular have this level of concentrated degeneracy and outright socially inept people. You don't really see this in any other fandom.

    Furries are also a lot more open about their sexuality and identity, which have both pros and cons. And the cons are often exaggerated by media and individuals in general.
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    I think the negative image we have is mostly the result of the sexual connotation that a lot of non-furries have with the fandom. They think the sexual elements are weird, and many of them seem to have some misconceptions on those aspects of the fandom. For instance, I think a somewhat common misconception is that we are a fetish, which just isn't true; there are many furries with fetishes, and lots of others who enjoy NSFW anthro artwork, but this isn't the main focus of the subculture.

    I'm inclined to believe that the fandom doesn't have as bad an image as it thinks it does, though. Many people probably don't even know what a furry is, and others, who do know of us, may be totally indifferent.
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    Beacuse people like to hate on things they dont understand.
    Im scared this thread is gonna start a fire again
  6. It isn't the anthromorphs.

    It's the orgies and porn and fursuiters and weird shit like that. Animalistic behavior, pretending you're said animal.

    I think furries oversimplify the issue here. People don't have a problem with furries. It's what furries do.
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  7. Simo

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    Sometimes I think certain people just like to frown.

    Or that when some people see others having a lot of fun, doing something that seems imaginative, carefree and offers a certain escape from the confines of reality as they know it, and the boundaries this opens up, it strikes them as transgressive, and they get on their moral high horses. Or, they just get jealous that they're not having fun, and they probably have boring sex lives . : P

    But I think most people have much bigger things to worry about than furries: such as healthcare, finding and keeping a job that keeps a roof over their head, wars, crime, drugs, alcohol, their own interpersonal relationships, families, lonliness, and other things that people all deal with, that I can't see furries even being a very big deal, all things considered.
  8. Yakamaru

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    Self-awareness. A decent amount of people in this fandom lacks it, which is why it has the problems it have.

    Some of the most socially inept people I've ever met are Furries. I would argue that there's a correlation between the two.

    Until the day people get some self-awareness and take responsibility and accountability for their own shitty behaviour, this fandom is going to continue being in the dump.
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    I really hate to be this guy who only answers threads with pictures, but this just fits so good.

    I dont mind it tho....
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  11. That reminds me, I completely forgot how socially inept some gamers are too. I guess that's my closest comparison that I've personally seen.
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    +1 to everything that's been said. Porn, it's obscure, social ineptitude, and constantly talking about it. Quite honestly, the negativity towards this fandom is fairly deserved. When you act like a degenerate, you shall be treated as such. Being a furry isn't inherently bad of course, it's just what you do with it. My advice, keep your furry shit between you and other furs. Enough with the furry pride and shoving it into people's faces. Best not to care about the fandom's image. Just enjoy what you enjoy and keep things out of your every day life
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    Because a lot of furries draw furry porn, which people equate with zoophilia or at least faunoiphilia, the attraction to watching animals mate.

    Yet rare is the person who doesn't secretly giggle and watch the Discovery channel with 100% pure intentions.
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    I dunno. I don't really care what people think about the porn.

    I mean, my God...look at the expolsive popularity of those corny books and movies in that '50 Shades of Grey' series. Furries are a huge improvement, over that, anyday : P

    I think a lotta folks are just not comfortable with sex period, and have a hard time seeing it beyond certain confines, and in an imaginative manner. It's not like I'm gonna march down the sidewalk, with a group of furs holding up posters of furry porn, but I'm not gonna discourage it in the fandom.

    If folks don't like it, they can kiss my skunky ass, for all I care : P

    I guess I never have really got why people care so much about the image of the fandom, or, for that matter, put so much stake in how others view them.
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  15. Not many normies are turned on by cricket orgies.
  16. Can I kiss your skunky ass? X3
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    What? *mutes Discovery channel* I knew that!
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    *lifts tail*

    Sure! :p
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  19. This was a bad idea
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    slaps that nice skunky butt

    Just.. Eww.
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    Well, maybe it can be on the Discovery channel. We'll be famous!
  22. Huluvoo

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    It's not exactly simple to pin-point one thing to explain why the furry fandom is frowned up on and discouraged. When you sit down and think about it, it isn't just one factor that sours the fandom for non-furries, it's several things that end up making others want to avoid us. First of all, yeah, the porn is a problem, because it is all over the internet and yes, we really do ruin everything. Also, lets not forget the time the fandom decided to sexually harass the Tony the Tiger twitter account, prompting Kellogg to tweet asking for people to stop sending inappropriate tweets to the account, because they were trying their hardest to keep things clean and child friendly.

    There is another thing, we basically f**k ourselves over with how some of the fandom act. Stop flaunting that you're a furry, stop putting it all over your Facebook. The occasional drawing of your sona is fine to post, because they are a part of your life, but don't go crazy about it. Furries aren't the master race, get off your high horse and wise up. It isn't a lifestyle, it isn't a way of life, it's a hobby. Being a furry is a hobby, so stop asking stupid questions like 'how do I come out as a furry to my parents?' or 'when is the best time to tell my friends that I'm a furry?' - there's never a best time to do it, and you don't come out to your parents as a furry, treating it like you're going to come out to them as gay. People are disowned and hated and killed for being gay, and while some people have strong reactions to furries, it isn't that extreme. Yes, there's been bomb scares and threats, but we could have it a lot worse.

    What the general public see of the furry fandom is our own faults, we mostly have ourselves to blame, along with the dark and nasty twist the media put on the fandom. The fandom has done a lot of good like raising countless amounts of money for charity and helping bring awareness to illnesses and problems, but then every other year a well known fursuiter is exposed as a pedophile or a danger to society, and those labels get smeared over the rest of us. It's a very rocky and off-putting road, but the good things that are a part of the community are what keep the rest of us here.
  23. BahgDaddy

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    An interesting article:

    www.psychologytoday.com: What’s the Deal with “Furries?”

    I don't have a problem with too much. I do have some requirements. Be responsible about your fetish, don't throw it at people who don't appreciate it, and try not to cast other furries in a negative light. American society doesn't allow for too much conversation about sex, still, despite 50 Shades of Domestic Abuse's success.
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    That fucking name. xD


    Good gracious lord. I need to stop hitting the forum for a couple. I keep laughing my ass off.
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