Why sex ed?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Leoni Zheitk, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. Arcturus Maple

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    Parents could. It's a real shame that no one feels like they can really talk about the subject openly.

    Around age 12, I learned in school about the mechanics of what sex is and that people can have different sexualities, as well as about contraceptives, pregnancy, and STDs. I had fully functioning bits before that though, by a year or more and had worked out most of that from experimentation or reading encyclopedias and health books. Something which irks me to this day is the lack of teaching about sexual wellness as a part of healthy living in school. Most of what I know about sex as it relates to overall well-being I've had to learn from reading books on my own. I've never really had a chance to apply the knowledge, but I think it's better to be prepared for just about anything. I wish the education system better prepared students for life; taught more about personal responsibility, self-improvement, and skills critical for living without someone else to support you. Most of what I learned in high school and middle school was useless busy work I forgot a long time ago, as it has no bearing on my life now.

    P.S. This thread is making me laugh my banana off.
  2. Alex K

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    But not all parents know how to have sex and it ain't good for their kid to be misinformed
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    Precisely why society as a whole should be more open and honest about the subject. If people could just talk about it like anything else, kids could just ask any adult in their life and get answers to their questions. Plus, if they could learn from a broader spectrum of "teachers" they would get a more balanced education with different viewpoints. This would require that they assess their sources and use reason to determine truth where there is disagreement, but as they should be learning to do that as a functional adult, it would not be unreasonable for them to do so.
  4. PlusThirtyOne

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    Sex education is VERY important to me and it will be for my kids if/when/god-forbid i ever have them. One of my favorite YouTube channels is Sexplanations, a very smart and open channel that discusses everything sex related. -And if there isn't a video on it, they'll happily make one. They don't resort to clickbait thumbnails because the channel is about education and that's the best part about it. Dr.Doe does a great job at explaining concepts both taboo and medical with intelligent language and isn't afraid to make a few tasteful jokes along the way. The channel is a smart watch for teens and adults and Doe is suuuuuuper adorable.

    The worst thing you can do for your children is shelter them from taboos. As soon as something is out in the open, it's not a taboo anymore. Sex is a beautiful part of life and growing young people need to understand what's going on with their bodies, their peers' and how to deal with them. This, frankly, includes pre-marital sex. A staggering number of young people do it before the age of 18 OR marriage, despite what most of them will admit aloud and the vaaaaaaast majority did it wrong and unsafely. Kids are gonna do it whether we tell them not to or not. Statistically your parent's probably knocked boots before they were 18, your grandparents boinked uglies before they were 18 and your great great great great great grandpappy probably had some tail before he met your great great great great grandmammy. Telling the young'ns not to do something is the best/worst way to get them to try it! They's still gon' do it! So edu-ma-cate 'em!!
    i don't know where that accent came from... :V

    The safest sex is educated sex!
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    i think proper sex ed is necessary, but that the "abstinence" teachings are the most worthless piece of shit ever. kids are going to have sex none the less, it would be best to teach them how to do it safely. also if they taught about different kinds of sex that would be great too (talking about gay sex here).
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  6. Sergei Sóhomo

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    I wouldn't call abstinence completely worthless. While it's assumed most will at some point, there are some who will refuse it for whatever reason, whether it be moral, mental, etc.

    It's good to at least acknowledge that while not having any drive or wanting it at all is indictive of a problem with your brain, it doesn't really impact you all that much as far as I'm aware
  7. cosmo-cat

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    i understand your point but this isn't the case for all students, and in my comment i was really talking about where the only thing the school will teach is abstinence
  8. Sergei Sóhomo

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    Oh yeah no, those schools are hacks
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  9. aloveablebunny

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    I think that sex ed should be something that all schools touch on. And not "abstinence only" sex ed either.

    For young adults to make informed, consensual decisions about sex, they need to know all of the pros and cons that come with it... they don't need "JUST DON'T HAVE SEX, IT'S A SIN, GOD WILL SMITE YOU IF YOU DO!!!" shoved down their throats.

    It's sad that many parents can't talk about sex with their children. They really need to. I both had sex ed in school, and my mom gave me "the talk" before I became sexually active.
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  10. Ketren

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    Because, having opted out of sex ed in middle school, I know hardly anything. (I guess it's supposed to be that way for Christians- you learn about it after marriage- but not knowing left me in a rather odd position.)

    I never dated, much less "did it", so my introduction to the act itself was through yiff. And we all know how scientifically accurate and educational yiff is...
  11. Sergei Sóhomo

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    You poor soul you
  12. Ketren

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    ^What do you mean? I'm proud of being a virgin and fully intend to wait for marriage. My motto is "That many people can be wrong."
  13. Sergei Sóhomo

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    No one should have to endure something as terrible as that
  14. quoting_mungo

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    Deciding when, where, and with whom you wish to have sex is definitely your right. If you want to wait for marriage, go ahead!

    I would suggest checking out some reputable/decent sex ed resources beforehand either way, however. Not knowing what you're doing doesn't make sex better, and in your place I'd want both myself and my partner to have an enjoyable wedding night. PlusThirtyOne linked a Youtube channel earlier, and there's also the webcomic (I think?) Oh Joy Sex Toy that produces some excellent educational material.
  15. Fallowfox

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    I can't imagine being an actual adult who learned about sex through furry porn. ._.

    People have a basic right to know the basics of how their bodies work.
  16. Sogreth

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    My mom told me, quote on quote:
    "I don't care what you do, you can have sex with whoever you want, male, female, whatever. Just wear a condom."
  17. WolfyJake

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    OMG. That's pretty much word for word what my parents told me. Only... yknow... in Dutch...
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    Smart lady, your mother is!
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