Why your username/sona name?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by WolfNightV4X1, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. NeuroticFox92

    NeuroticFox92 Member

    For my username, I tend to be somewhat of a hypochondriac, and I thought the name sounded cool, so I stuck with it. the 92 refers to my birth year.

    As for my fursona's name, it's the same as my own, James, though Jim could work. Yeah, I'm not very creative.
  2. Maelstrom Eyre

    Maelstrom Eyre Ahmoua Wolf

    I just liked the name Maelstrom and eventually attached it to my orca/wolf fursona, as part of her backstory of being born during the spring tides in an area of the sea where there were a lot of whirlpools and strange currents caused by the strong tides.
  3. Swift Shadowfire

    Swift Shadowfire The Last Raven

    It was originally my flight sim callsign, since it was a name i could live up to.
  4. And

    And Guest

    it was available
  5. Gorklad

    Gorklad New Member

    Mine is based off of dwarven tongue. Gor = Beast, Klad = Iron, I basically wanted it to represent the features of the sona since its a bear with cybernetic limbs and appendages.

    Plus my nickname could be Gork, which is just fun to say.
  6. Unsilenced

    Unsilenced Mentlegen

    Unsilenced was a 2edgy4u name I made up for playing Call of Duty 2 when I was 13. Eventually I used it in too many places to switch to something else.
  7. Ahzek M'kar

    Ahzek M'kar Anal Centipede

    It was just something off the top of my head. Can't be arsed to change it.
  8. Astrium

    Astrium King of the Noodles

    I've always liked astral/celestial themes (thus why I always name swords "Starlight") and I needed an alias since I didn't want to use my "main" username on FAF.
  9. FoxTrotz

    FoxTrotz New Member

    Fox Trots is my Fursona too.
    Reason why I chose it, my nickname was always Fox. And I think it was because of my love for Foxes.
    And people just started calling me Fox. Trotz, well was chosen out of random.
    And thought Fox Trotz sounded kinda interesting together. ^^
  10. Luki

    Luki Member

    Because my real name was already taken, I just changed it up a bit.
  11. Astrium

    Astrium King of the Noodles

    The foxtrot is a dance.
  12. FoxTrotz

    FoxTrotz New Member

    I forgot bout that.. lol xD
  13. Mayonnaise

    Mayonnaise Off we go to the sea

    Mayonnaise sounds better than Teledildonics.
  14. Llamapotamus

    Llamapotamus Member

    It sounded good in my head and I thought I was being really clever when I came up with two portmanteaus at once (llamapotamus and alpacaderm). But I actually failed on both accounts because a llama isn't an alpaca and a hippopotamus isn't a pachyderm. Oh well...
  15. Dewi_K

    Dewi_K Time Traveler

    I'm study art and graphic design, and is my artist name. Is the acronym of an old latin text/phrase. The letter "w" in old latin is equal to a double "v"

    Dewi: Domine Epicus Ventus Veritas Imperia. The translate is: The Empire of the truth domains the epic wind.

    And the letter "K" is for Kandinsky.
  16. Taleu

    Taleu The Dee Oh Gee

    I thought some one said "Taleu" but they were saying "Salute" in French so I was like... Yeah okay :O
    WHT NOT!?
  17. Ruehl21

    Ruehl21 I really like my steak medium-rare.

    I used half of my first name I use for everything (Ruehl). :D

    ...followed by 21, which is three sevens instead of four of them. Some people say four is a complete number and a full cycle, seven is heaven's number, and heaven is seen by some to be fulfillment, or complete. By multiplying seven with a number (three) just under the complete number (four), I take one complete number and multiply it with an incomplete number. I've named it "completely Incomplete", a reference to the full story I came up with in my dreams when I was ten years old. I woke up crying and saw the world and myself in a completely different light. Actually saved me from a few things.

    Thus, Ruehl21, a completely incomplete person. :D
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  18. Haltek

    Haltek Guest

    Hal sounds like howl
    Tek = Tech
    put together = Cyber wolf some how :p
    plus its a misspelt name for a company that make aftermarket ECU's and other performance bits for cars
  19. jorinda

    jorinda Member

    Old german fairytale about a girl that gets jinxed and turns into a bird.
  20. Volkodav

    Volkodav Dad****er

    One of my two fave dog breeds is the central asian ovcharka
    volkodav means wolfhound in russian. Central asians are called volkodav because theyre used to protect flocks of sheep from wolves

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