Why your username/sona name?

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  1. FenrirDarkWolf

    FenrirDarkWolf Trapped in a Lucid Eclipse

    On my first forum(Ace Attorney Online), my forum name was Diego, named after the character Diego Armando, whom was my favourite character at the time.
    Then, while there, I got my named changed to BuddyFaithAKADiego, the AKADiego part because your name change HAD to have a resemblance to your previous name.
    After I discovered by true furrism, but before I changed my name again, I tried to play a game, and Fenrisulfr was a character I've always loved. Unfortunately, the name was taken on the game, so I played around with it and it ended up being FenrirDark. Eventually, I changed it to FenrirDarkWolf and here I am today!
    My fursona's name is simply Fenrir Darke, which, y'know, is that thing xD
  2. Traven V

    Traven V Luna-tic.

    Honestly it took several revisions. My negative ego and overly sensitive nature was the cause of that.
    TravenV? It's my emo name it means "The Raven Verily"
  3. LegitWaterfall

    LegitWaterfall Forever done

    I was high on excitement and Mexican coke (soda), and LegitWaterfall sounded like a kick-ass user.
    Sona's name comes from her purpose. P.U.R.G.E = Protection and Urgent Response Grade Entity
  4. Esper Husky

    Esper Husky Member

    Esper is the primary color / deck variation I play in MTG. Also happens to match my "favorite" color scheme in general -- (which goes in line with the character color scheme, yadda yadda) -- so I chose it to work as a simpler handle / straight forward name. Fursona is a (Siberian) Husky. Therefore: Esper Husky. Insert all other uses and purposes for "Esper" as well, they probably apply or can be identified, too. But that was the initial synergy (while also sharing a major interest / hobby of mine in the name).

    Actual character name, Jared Meadow, has a lot more to it, that I kinda don't feel like typing out here (again), lol.
  5. Vergolophus

    Vergolophus Average Parasaurolophus

    A long time ago, my username on another site(It's dead now) was Silver_And_Gold, after a dragon character of mine that was those colors. A friend of mine, notorious for making pet names for everyone, took my new name by the end of Silver and the beginning of Gold.
    Thus Vergo! Vergolophus came with the fact that my favorite dinosaur is Parasaurolophus, and Vergo Cre'taceous was a last name another friend of mine gave me!
  6. BlufftheHusky

    BlufftheHusky New Member

    I've played poker basically since high school and learning, watching and playing the game is one of my passions. Not just hold'em, I play many different variations. My fursona is a poker playing Husky :) There really isn't anything better in poker than a successful bluff.
  7. SteampunkJack

    SteampunkJack Member

    I rp and write stories. Jack is a character from there who likes steampunk fashion
  8. Tchelline

    Tchelline Member

    Tchelline sounds sexy, to me
  9. Tao

    Tao Big Dick is Back in Town

    It was my nickname I got in college and most people call me by it. Much better than my real name.
  10. Maugryph

    Maugryph Active Member

    I was a gryphon once.. but I got better
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  11. FireFeathers

    FireFeathers Mr. Red Flag

    Rei, because it's the common sound in my first and last name Huuurrrrrrr

    Firefeathers because....i dunno. I have a phoenix tattoo on my ankle and I think i wanted to tie it in somehow, but I got really into a rebirth thing after our school shooting then sorta regretted it years after i stopped caring so much, lol. It's not really tied in with anything relevant.
  12. Yvvki

    Yvvki Sassy lesser panda.

    Ok so I had the name Yuuki for a character I drew all the time ever since I was in elementary school, and it just kind of stuck.

    Also I love the meaning behind the name.
    "Pronounced yoo:-kee [key] From Japanese 優 (yuu) meaning "gentleness, lithe, superior" or 悠 (yuu) meaning "distant, leisurely" combined with 希 (ki)meaning "hope", 輝 (ki) meaning "brightness" or 生 (ki) meaning "life"."

    The reason it's Yvvki is because the v's are meant to look like u's aha. Because Yuuki is a very common name.
  13. estiniens

    estiniens stargazer

    My username is a character from FFXIV, Estinien, actually. I'm like ADDICTED to that MMORPG, and most of my humanoid characters come from its verse. He's the dragoon mentor from level 30-50 and a main character in the story in the expansion. I tacked on the 's' primarily because on some sites 'Estinien' itself is taken. Not that exciting.

    Ren's name is Ren because my name is Brent. I'm bad at creativity, here.
  14. FluffyShutterbug

    FluffyShutterbug A Foxy Femboy Photographer

    My username is a little self-explanatory. I'm a furry, so I'm fluffy, and I'm a photographer, so I'm a "shutterbug". Hence, FluffyShutterbug. I also picked that name as a fail-safe, in case I ever want to change my fursona species, since it's not possible to change your username. FluffyShutterbug is actually my second FA account. My first was called AlyssaKat, named for my older 'sona, Alyssa Wells, a maine coon. Obviously, once I adopted Jamie Foxworthy as my OC, I couldn't have my username indicate that I was a cat, since that would cause a ton of confusion. As for my fursona's name, that's vestigial from when she was just a character in a story that I wrote. I chose her first name, Jamie, because her looks and attitude sort of reminded me of the Law & Order character, A.D.A. Jamie Ross, and her last name Foxworthy, because she's a fox. I could've just gone with "Fox", but I figured that that surname was already grossly overused. So, I picked "Foxworthy" because I heard that surname somewhere before. Man, that was a mouthful!
  15. estiniens

    estiniens stargazer

    Foxworthy is the last name of a redneck comedian. It's probably where you heard it.
  16. FluffyShutterbug

    FluffyShutterbug A Foxy Femboy Photographer

    Oh, great... That would be Jeff Foxworthy.
  17. Jarren

    Jarren You can't just quote yourself! -Me

    Jarren was a name that kept cropping up in my gaming group whenever we were doing world building exercises or needing quick names for historical figures. None of us really had an idea for who or what the guy was though and context changed all the time. Still, I liked the name and needed to name a character for something I intended to write. That character kinda was/turned into my sona.
  18. Tezzy Fur

    Tezzy Fur Active Member

    You know, I'm not entirely sure what made me pick Tezzy Fur. Tez or Tezzer were names I sometimes used online in various chat rooms or forums. I think I just liked the way it sounded. This was before I knew about fursonas, so I didn't really pick a name that associated with my furry identity. I now have a fursona by the name of Pouncer, who gets his name from his habit of hiding and pouncing on other furs. Maybe I'll rethink my name in the future, but Tezzy Fur suits me for now :)
  19. Sergei Sóhomo

    Sergei Sóhomo Well-Known Member

    Sergei because it's a foreign name that sounds pretty flamboyant
    Sohomo because it's a play on nohomo
  20. DrExodium

    DrExodium Guest

    Because I created it and it sounds original and no one ever used it.

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