Will anyone make me a fursuit head for under $300?

Discussion in 'Fursuiting and Costuming' started by OakenheelTheWolf, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. OakenheelTheWolf

    OakenheelTheWolf Active Member

    I know a fursuit is a luxury item and all, but i really would love to buy one and im kinda broke so o would love for someone to make me a nice fursuit head under $300. Thanks :p
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  2. Crimson_Steel17

    Crimson_Steel17 The night is my solace; the day is my prime

    This is a duplicate thread... You literally made the same thing 1 minute before this one
  3. OakenheelTheWolf

    OakenheelTheWolf Active Member

    Omg oops lol
  4. Cloudyhue

    Cloudyhue Certified Fuzzbutt

    The best way to get a fursuit head for under $300 is to make one yourself. Your first one may not be to great, but all makers have to start somewhere. I'd recommend waiting until you're a bit older to commission one.
  5. jwolf127

    jwolf127 New Member

    Hello there-! I am a brand new maker, and my lists are actually beginning to fill up. My head prices are under $300, and you can get handpaws and a tail with that as well for around 300. If you're interested, we have someone working on a website for us. I have a google form for people who are interested to fill out. Remember, I am a BRAND new maker, but I don't stall with your stuff. I have my things done asap, about 2-3 months at the MOST. If its just a tail, I can make that in one day, but shipping doesn't apply to that :) I'm based in the US and currently I only ship to the U.S.
  6. calvin1874

    calvin1874 New Member

    hi im calvin , im wanting to buy a fursuit head for my daughter for around 150 to 180 , she is only 12 and i dont want to put alot into it at this moment in time , if anyone can help me out with a used head for sell my email address is brandon20103@yahoo.com please write me and let me know...
  7. crystallinecanine

    crystallinecanine Sparkle Gosh

  8. OakenheelTheWolf

    OakenheelTheWolf Active Member

    Oh man you are such a talented fursuit maker! I am afraid i do not have that much money though. I am going to try to sell artwork so I might be able to get enough money in a little while! We'll see! I might be your next buyer!!!!!!
  9. OakenheelTheWolf

    OakenheelTheWolf Active Member

    How long would it take? Two or three months or more?
  10. crystallinecanine

    crystallinecanine Sparkle Gosh

    I work quickly, so if my personal life doesn't interfere much, then a month in a half at most. (the making time also depends on what kind of payment plan you choose, since I only ship out once all payments have been made) :3
  11. OakenheelTheWolf

    OakenheelTheWolf Active Member

    Etsy is what i would pay on XD
  12. crystallinecanine

    crystallinecanine Sparkle Gosh

    I also have an etsy shop. ^_^ You can pm me or send in a quote request from my website if you're ever interested in commissioning me. In any case, I hope that you can find a fursuit maker to make your character! ^o^
  13. OakenheelTheWolf

    OakenheelTheWolf Active Member

    Im definetly PLANNING to buy from u!
  14. Royn

    Royn Otterest Sergal evah!

    YAAY want a fursuit head!

    Oh, wait.... AM a fursuit head.... Never mind...
  15. Emile Kercher

    Emile Kercher New Member

    Are you still taking commissions?

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