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    Hello everybody,

    I am a first time poster here to the forums, as I usually posted my work on other sites. I am a hobby writer, as in I usually do not write fiction for money but for my own enjoyment. I am putting up this post here to let all of you good people know that I would like to practise and hone my writing skill through ideas or image others will offer.

    Here is a basic list of what I can work with:

    1) You will provide me with an image/link to an existing image and I will write a short story to it.

    2) Perhaps you have an original character and you would like a story to be written about him or her, that I can do as well.

    3) I have been practising with writing brief comic scripts, even though on my desk I have two longer comics that I am already chipping away on. I would like to practise this some more.

    4) I can write NSFW stories, but as per forum rules I cannot post examples of them here, but I can link you to where they are posted.

    My own site is dubbed Smoking Cat Stories, and you can find it through google (should show up at the top of the search results). It's a bit out of date, as work and other projects have dumbed me down a bit, but that is where you will find some of my most recent work.

    As long as the story will be SFW I will post it up here on my Fur Affinity Account, on my Smoking Cat Stories site, and of course the person requesting said story will have shared permission to use it as he or she deems fit. All NSFW stories will be hidden secretly in my drawer, while of course a copy will be set to the person requesting them (they can be published of course, but I try to keep my dirties and cleans seperate).

    Fair Disclaimer, I will not take on requests that are too large, or that I may struggle with, but I will always let you know of such.

    Well, that is all.



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