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Discussion in 'Technology Talk' started by candiipup, Jul 23, 2010.

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    I have an old tablet. Very old. Wacom Graphire ET (or i guess also recognized as a graphire2?) and the website has nothing for windows 7 in the way of drivers for mine. I even installed the graphire 2 (ETA) or whatever and it didn't work. Tried downloading vista drivers instead, and nothing.

    Turned off all the annoying ripple stuff (pen flicks/tablet pc) and whatever - It still has no pressure sensitivity and treats it like a mouse.

    And yes, every time i'd installed drivers i removed them before messing with more versions. Nothing! I've also just tried letting windows take a hold of the thing with no drivers - but it didn't do a thing. I'm hoping that there's a solution. Else drawing is going to get very, very annoying.

    Btw: i'm trying to use programs like SAI and OC. :(

    UPDATE: Alright, so this problem was semi-solved by photoshop CS4, which actually uses my tablet quite well. Silly. But! The important thing is that i can draw again. I just have to re-learn a program. Still. Thanks for your help guys ^^ i think the windows 7 pen stuff on its own is driving the beast now. So yay for that :3

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    Eehh... I wish I could help you but from what it sounds like your tablet just wont function with windows 7. Unless the tablet makers make a driver for windows 7 not everything is gonna work properly on your computer. The problem is that windows 7 processes a little differently from XP and Vista. What a driver does is it pretty much makes it so that the computer can handle all the information that is being thrown at it. Without the correct kind of drivers the computer will ignore the information because it doesn't know what to do with it.

    There may be something out there ill do a search and see if I can find anything that may be a solution to your problem but I cant make any promises.


    You state that Wacom Graphire ET is also recognized as graphire2 but this isn't the case after looking it up.

    Somewhere on your tablet it should say weather its the graphire ET or the graphire 2. Could you please clarify what your tablet is?
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    One thing I've heard, is that Windows 7 *may* have it's own software that handles pen tablet functionality. Try uninstalling the wacom drivers and run it just with Windows7 and see if it works then. Sometimes the wacom driver will conflict with 7.

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