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Discussion in 'Technology Talk' started by Stargazer Bleu, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Stargazer Bleu

    Stargazer Bleu 2b forgot is worse than death

    I have windows vista basic. My problem is the loading screen before windows actualy starts. The bar at bottom with the little bars going through it.

    Sometimes it gets stuck there and wont go past that past.(the bar still keep soing) i left it like this for over a hour before incase was slow loading.
    I have to shut down. When i power off and restart, it says windows did not shut down properly and sugest to do a repair.

    I do this. But this is happening a lot more lately. Anyone know whats causing this?
  2. ToeClaws

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    Unfortunately, I know little of Vista of Windows 7 since my department wants nothing to do with them. :/ If like prior versions, you should be able to use F8 to stop the boot and choose one of several Safe Mode starts. The Safe Mode starts will display a list of the basic drivers being loaded during the boot process (normally hidden by the boot-up graphics screen). If it stops there, you can at least see how far along it got, and potentially even what might have stopped it since the last line you see could be the driver or sub-system at which the system locked. Give that a try if you can and let us know what you find.
  3. Stargazer Bleu

    Stargazer Bleu 2b forgot is worse than death

    I have tryed this nothing works to stop it but shuting power off. I can hold in the actual power button for like 5 sec and it shuts down.
    Other than that nothing else works. This seems to happen about 1 out of 7 times i power on.
  4. Prurient

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    Happened to me before, luckily my hard drive had almost nothing on it, so I just got a new one. Just try replacing your internal hard drive. Mine used to "always" lock up there.
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    I'm thinking that your installation of Windows may have become damaged. Either one of the files has become corrupted, or a file necessary for it to successfully boot or one of its key components is located in a sector that has gone bad and is now unreadable. You need to try and scan the drive and the disk surface for errors. If you can't access ScanDisk, this is what I normally use for surface scans: If you have another system available that has a CD burner drive, download the bootable ISO.

    If any bad sectors are turned up. the disk surface is failing and the drive is likely to die soon. If the scanner finds a large number of them in a certain portion of the drive, then you've taken a crash somehow. If this does turn out to be the case, back up your files as quick as you can. The nearer to the beginning of the drive the bad sectors are, the worse the problem will be.

    If no bad sectors are found, you can probably get away with just reinstalling Windows over the top of your current installation if you've got the installation DVD handy, or running a repair operation. But it's best to try and get your files off anyway just in case something goes wrong. What you have to do here is either start the computer up with a Linux CD, or remove the drive from your system and plug it into another one so that you can get to it.
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    Well yeah, try start --> run --> chkdsk /f --> enter, it'll check the hard disk for errors and fix them it there are some.

    Otherways, you might try to start from the Vista DVD and try a "system repair", it'll do most things by its own there, may that helps.
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