Wolf Children (2012)

Discussion in 'TV, Video & Film' started by Egon1982, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. Egon1982

    Egon1982 Member

    Excellent Japanese animated fantasy drama that deals with a college student woman who falls in love with a werewolf man and they make out then have kids yet the kids end up being half-wolf half-human who can change at will.

    Unique, heartbreaking and semi-realistic film with great animation, realism and emotion plus some humor to ease the emotion.
  2. Kourii

    Kourii Tigerfox

    It's cute, and a nice story but.. Honestly, some of the parts are reallllly slow. I'm normally a big fan of the slow, gradual, storytelling but there were scenes in this that made me completely lose interest. Despite all that, no one can deny the animation and character design are absolutely gorgeous.
  3. Egon1982

    Egon1982 Member

    And you more into Ninja Scroll and Akira or Ghibli?
  4. Ravofox

    Ravofox And a few other fursonas as well

    My parents got this film for the family at Chistmas a few years ago. No one's watched it yet, but they said apparently it's really good, and this thread just confirms it to me:D
  5. CCTakato

    CCTakato New Member

    It's a very sad movie and has beautiful animation but Summer Wars is still my favorite Hosoda movie.
  6. juiceboxbunny

    juiceboxbunny Im a foodie-fur not a Vore-fur

    :x i liked only the first half of the movie. The second half kinda killed it for me. When both kids had like a 180degree personality change kinda broke my immersion.
  7. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox This is what the fandom did to me!

    Seen it, loved it, died a little at the end. Nuff said...
  8. SpidertheKitsune

    SpidertheKitsune Hollywood Spider. K

    I finally was able to get a copy for myself a couple wednesdays ago and my god it may be the best anime film I have ever seen and I can be weeaboo garbage sometimes. A big plus was that the director of the film also made Summer Wars which is another favorite anime film of mine.
  9. Rykhoteth


    Laughed so hard I nearly pissed myself at this movie. Can't take it seriously. The fucking emo hair mop the kid keeps in both forms was the icing on the cake.
  10. Egon1982

    Egon1982 Member

    Most agree it was ridiculous looking and looked like that one Who from Horton Hears a Who.

    And who also thinks the relationship of Hana and the Wolf man is sweet and unique even the romance scene? nothing is wrong with interspecies romance in media. I mean we have Jessica and Roger Rabbit, Regular Show's Eillen/Rigby (Mole person and raccoon person) to Denise/Frank (Margaret's human dad and anthro humanoid bird mom), Alan X Madison in Splash, Star Wars/Trek alien beings with different races/species of alien beings even with human beings, Babylon 5, Bojack Horseman especially Kyle/Charolette (human male married to an anthro humanoid deer woman and produced 2 kids), Cheetah and Batman on Justice League, Vinnie and Charlene on Biker Mice from Mars, Catherine/Vincent in the 1980s Beauty and the Beast TV show with Ron Perlman/Linda Hamilton, Vastra/Jenny on Doctor Who, Murray and Polly Pineblossom in Ralph Bakshi's Mighty Mouse: The All New Adventures (the 80s one and had a human man married a lovely blonde anthro mouse lady), Eliza/Goliath on Gargoyles, Nick/Judy in Zootopia, InuYasha/Kagome, Charolette/Mier Link (Vampire X human) in Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, Hellboy and Liz Sherman, Howard the Duck/Beverly Switzler in Marvel's Howard the Duck, Lilandra/Professor X (mutant male and alien bird woman), Hepzibah/Corsair in Marvel (human space pirate who is Cyclop's dad with an alien skunk cat woman beauty), Mass Effect, Skyrim and more.

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