World is Ending

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BahgDaddy, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. BahgDaddy

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    Sorry for the clickbait article. It's still bad. Oregon State scientist leads 'Warning to Humanity' that highlights climate change, mass extinction

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  2. Yakamaru

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  3. ChromaticRabbit

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    Yes, they're saying the Sixth Mass Extinction is getting started as a result of the Anthropocene. This stuff is for real, and our lives are all going to have to adapt where necessary to the constraints of this new world now or human civilization may very well cease to exist as we know it or entirely in the next century or two.
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  4. connortheskunk

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  5. Filter

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    The only constant is change. We'll all die, the sun will die, our galaxy will collide with other galaxies etc. Maybe we'll eventually get pulled into a black hole or something.

    Back when I was in school, they taught us that the weather would be way hotter in 2017. New York City should already be under several feet of water by now. None of the dramatic things they forecast actually happened.

    Sure, maybe we'll destroy the environment, but maybe we won't. The ozone situation looks much better than it did then. At least there's that. And greenhouse gasses aren't always a bad thing. Plants like carbon dioxide. Humans have caused the recent warming trend, but Earth has gone through hotter and colder times. As far as I'm aware, this is different, but so were the various asteroid impacts and volcanic eruptions that punctuated our evolutionary past.

    We need to take care of this planet and do what we can to stabilize the environment, but there's little to be gained by acting like Chicken Little. Panic is counterproductive. We need to think rationally and adapt. If there is a God, I'm pretty sure they want us to be good stewards of this world; to take care of this weird spinning orb we call home. I'm optimistic that we can eventually move to a more level-headed view of things, but it may be hundreds of years before that happens. In the meantime, I'd be more concerned about things like nuclear weapons, unfavorable economic conditions, and oppressive governments.
  6. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru 100% faith-based dancing!

    Climate change is inevitable and will occur on its own. Pollution however.. That shit's of our making, and way more dangerous. Our ecosystems are way more fragile than the planet itself, and needs more care. The planet will be fine.

    Should we try and have zero emissions? Yes. It's a long-term goal we all should strive for.
    Should we try and have zero pollution of all types? Yes. It's much more of a short-term goal to strive for.
  7. Mabus

    Mabus Well-Known Woofer

    Everyone is gonna die

    Of natural boring ass causes :3
  8. Astusthefox

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    Yeah climate change is gonna happen over time, though we can help increase how fast it comes by our CO2 emissions, because that makes the earth warm slightly slightly faster which increase the rate at things like methane deposits beneath the permafrost get released into the atmosphere faster.

    The issue with climate change and things like ocean acidification is that the organisms that are responsible for the majority of oxygen production, the phytoplankton, can die off and cause an anoxic event that essentially will kill a bunch of life on earth, just like happened during the permian-triassic extinction event. Also it sounds like they literally stole my essay I wrote in high school about this, I'm slightly offended
  9. Telnac

    Telnac Fundamentalist Heretic

    Zero pollution is a pipe dream that cannot be achieved except at such incredible expense as to make industrialized society unsustainable. We can strive for very little polution but the difference in cost between a little pollution and zero is far beyond the benefit we’d get by not polluting at all. All forms of energy production cause pollution. All forms of farming cause pollution. There is no technology that exists that allows us to recycle all forms of waste.
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  10. BahgDaddy

    BahgDaddy Voice of reason

    We should be concerned about those problems, but the also involve the environment. Many people fail to understand that without the environment, we die. We cannot continue to abuse it as we do and expect there to be no consequences.

    Nuclear war is definitely a problem. We could wipe out many other species with our wars. We have a responsibility to those species to be responsible with our species as well.

    Unfavorable economic conditions - unfavorable for who, and what?

    Oppressive government is a problem. Syria isn't exactly worried about the environment right now. So social stability can inform environmental quality, which is a slightly disturbing realization.
  11. Open_Mind

    Open_Mind Well-Known Member

    Just a quick reminder -- we are all incredibly lucky to live in this time of medical wonders, technological wizardry, social development, and scientific advances. I tap my thumb clumsily on a thin bit of glass, metal and plastic I hold in my hand -- and my words appear instantly on the other side of the planet. We live right now in the midst of magic. Each day is an astounding miracle. Are there problems? Heck yeah! Are we gonna solve them in our lifetimes? Heck no! But there is still no other time -- in all of human history -- that I would rather be alive.

    End of the world? Ridiculous. It's just the beginning. :cool: :) :D
  12. Crimcyan

    Crimcyan Another fucking wolf

    You all have it worng, the world is gonna end when I do something completely stupid, like trying to blow a pumpkin up in a nuclear reactor.
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  13. Mabus

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    It’ll either end by a meteor which is very unlikely or by the sun blowing up at the end of it’s solar cycle which wont happen until several billions of years.

    Got some good news for y’all, we will have lived full lives and probably be dust or vapor deep in the ground by then so dont worry about it, just sit here and be fluffy, tell a good joke, be happy, have fun, be all you can be!

    OH! And f*ck those 1,000,000,000 year future guys... they dont count =P
  14. -..Legacy..-

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    It's natural to be standing amongst a huge pile of spent shell casings, right?
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  15. Jay98

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    you'd be surprised just how resilient life is. Essentially when mankind has wiped out themselves and all life as we know it chemical reactions caused by intense heat and rare minerals found in underwater volcanoes will just start making life anew like natures own hard reset button.
  16. Belatucadros

    Belatucadros Sláinte chugat!

    For humans, yes that's perfectly normal.
  17. ACaracalFromWork

    ACaracalFromWork Forgive, forget and live!

    apparently the ocean is dying at a rapid rate

    it gets worse as you dig
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  18. ACaracalFromWork

    ACaracalFromWork Forgive, forget and live!

    I highly recommend everyone to watch the movie before the flood
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  19. BahgDaddy

    BahgDaddy Voice of reason

    Thanks for those videos. I've seen some of them already or have researched the issue already, but I'll look into them. Ocean acidification is one of the big bads of AGW. Our coral reefs represent a huge benefit to the oceans in general, and contain a lot of biodiversity.

    Glad to see I'm mostly preaching to the crowd here, though. I guess we want to keep our furry friends safe. :)
  20. ACaracalFromWork

    ACaracalFromWork Forgive, forget and live!

    oh forgot to post this too

    and a bonus.
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  21. AkuroZinnui

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    I came here looking to find different viewpoints from my own on this topic. Now I'm just depressed and my head is full of existential thoughts.....just another night on the forums.
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  22. ACaracalFromWork

    ACaracalFromWork Forgive, forget and live!

    you can worry or enjoy the time you have I guess is one way to see it.
  23. Fuzzylumkin

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    or you can set stuff on fire?
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  24. Pinkaap

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    woot wooot one day closer
  25. BahgDaddy

    BahgDaddy Voice of reason

    Then you can heat things up a bit. ;)
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