worst virus you have ever gotten on your computer

Discussion in 'Technology Talk' started by modfox, May 4, 2016.


do you have a good anti virus

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  3. i am a dumb person and believe anti virus is useless

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  1. modfox

    modfox Viking Archer Fox

  2. RinkuTheRuffian

    RinkuTheRuffian Punished "Venom" Rinku

    My antivirus blocked the program that allows me to project my screen from my laptop with a busted screen to my LG monitor. God dammit.
  3. Saiko

    Saiko GTWT Survivor

    I once managed to get a remote access Trojan which someone used to log into my PayPal. I ended up just DBAN'ing the whole machine and now use two-factor authentication all over the place.
  4. Prometheus_Fox

    Prometheus_Fox Fire Thief

    Cryptolocker technically isn't a virus
  5. Winslow

    Winslow ✮ Banter Squad Member ✮

    I somehow managed to get a trojan virus once which completely wrecked my last PC's hard drive. RIP.
  6. reptile logic

    reptile logic An imposter among aliens.

    Don't know the name, but it corrupted the contents of my largest photo folder, my largest video folder and my largest audio folder. I was told that it was likely a ransomware program that Norton stopped before it could leave the ransom note. No other info to share.
  7. Ragshada

    Ragshada College Student

    Never really gotten a virus that destroyed my machine, but I do remember one back in the day that was very nasty. It would take your start button on your computer and have it move away from the pointer. Every time you tried to click it the virus would start to delete the registry from you machine making it into a vegetable.
  8. Endless/Nameless

    Endless/Nameless Renegade

    Internet Explorer
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  9. modfox

    modfox Viking Archer Fox

    my posting
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  10. Saiko

    Saiko GTWT Survivor

    Omfg that's hilarious. XD
  11. Ricky

    Ricky Well-Known Member

    If it deleted the entire registry and killed the system, how'd you click on it again o_O?

    I use Linux on my personal machines and so I haven't ever gotten one, but I got one at work one time.

    Best I can figure, it was some zero day JS/AS/WinAPI exploit. Probably the third :V

    @modfox Yeah, ransomwear is annoying. Best thing you can do next to formatting with Linux is: don't use IE, install AdBlock (since many/most of these come from ads) and turn auto-updates on, especially for Flash/ActionScript and JS and also Java if you use it in your browser (not recommended).

    > Voted No (N/A - using Linux)
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  12. Ragshada

    Ragshada College Student

    That was the point....you couldn't.
  13. Ricky

    Ricky Well-Known Member

    OIC - I must have interpreted your post incorrectly then.
  14. TheKC

    TheKC O w O,

    When I was young, I got a trojan virus. I didn't know how to deal with it, so I asked my brother to fix it. He was the computer guy of the family so I figured he would get it off. He identified what it was, looked up instructions, printed them out, handed me the paper and left. >=/
    I had NO idea what I was doing but fallowed the best I could. I just couldn't find where the last step was, but the computer seemed to be fine after that? o _ o;

    The worst I seen though, was on my mom's computer. She was letting my niece and nephew download whatever games they could find onto her computer. She asked us to help because she had pop up ads spamming her computer and the internet seemed to stop working. Chirs (my hub) was looking into it and like, wow. The browser had something replacing google with its own ad covered search page. The enter net was dead. Fire wall could not be activated due to window's own Windows Defender was destroyed. We had to use a flash drive to transfer some scanners to find things, but even those were not working. So mom had to get a new copy of windows and wipe the computer to fix it. We told her never let the kids download games like that again!
  15. Apex Fox

    Apex Fox Guest

    None - pretty damn simple to download files which are clean. Some people don't understand...even without an AV haha
  16. TidesofFate

    TidesofFate Your friendly neighborhood Executioner

    I had a virus where idiots on youtube were replying to me. Oh wait...
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  17. reptile logic

    reptile logic An imposter among aliens.

    It helps to have grown up with the internet.
  18. Ragshada

    Ragshada College Student

    I had grown up with the internet in its infancy too bad I wasn't there for the start.
  19. reptile logic

    reptile logic An imposter among aliens.

  20. Wither

    Wither Is honestly confused by life.

    I accidentally downloaded a toolbar.
    I have never lived it down.

    Honestly, I've never had a virus. I've had to fix many computers with them, though. That's fun.
  21. Osrik

    Osrik Member

    I have never had a virus on my own computer, but when I used the same computer as the rest of my family years ago there were certainly a few that my parents downloaded.

    I think the worst was one that locked them out of the computer, displaying a screen that said the FBI had taken control of their computer and prompting them to send money to an account to unlock it.

    Luckily they were smart enough to not pay whoever made the virus, but I think we had to reset that computer to factory specs as a result of the virus.
  22. Pillownose

    Pillownose New Member

    in college I worked for tech support and a girl brought her computer because it was flipping out and we found out she had 300,000 viruses on her computer.
  23. TidesofFate

    TidesofFate Your friendly neighborhood Executioner

  24. PlusThirtyOne

    PlusThirtyOne What DOES my username mean...?

    i got one of those fake anti-virus programs a few years back; the kind that pretend to be an anti-virus program and pretend to do random alerts on your pc. They disguise themselves as generic Windows bloatware both in appearance and on your system. Of course they offer to "fix" the problem...for a fee. My mom actually fell for it, hook, line and sinker. infected every pc on our home network. My parents' pc, my sister's, my desktop, my laptop, my friend's laptop, etc.
    it took DAYS to recover!!
  25. ZacAttackk

    ZacAttackk professional procrastinator

    When I was 4 (my bedroom used to be a study) my family got a new desktop and it was in my room
    We had Norton 360 antivirus that displayed a tick or a cross next to each and every website result on Google dependant on whether it was malicious or not
    Being very young I thought that the tick meant you had to pay for whatever you were downloading, and the cross was free
    Over the course of 4 years the computer slowly grinded to a halt to the point it took 10 minutes to boot and no program would open
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