Would you want to live in a furry run house/apartment complex/city/town/state/etc

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Ozriel, May 6, 2013.


Would you like to live in/on

  1. A house with 2+ furry housemates

    276 vote(s)
  2. A whole apartment complex would be fun!

    130 vote(s)
  3. A whole town/city! It'll be like AC every day!

    83 vote(s)
  4. Fuck towns, a state!

    8 vote(s)
  5. A country called Furtonia!

    48 vote(s)
  6. A planet full of furries!

    47 vote(s)
  7. A whole galaxy!

    81 vote(s)
  8. No, furries are sick fucks and a cancer

    20 vote(s)
  9. I'd hang myself first

    45 vote(s)
  10. Disregard this, I suck cocks.

    45 vote(s)
  1. SoushieChan

    SoushieChan New Member

    I would like to live in a house with other furries if they are like minded and keept their parts in their pants. I would actually love to live on a furry planet if its only like Zootopia.
  2. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    I'd hang myself first.
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  3. Kit H. Ruppell

    Kit H. Ruppell Exterminieren! Exterminieren!

    I already live with six other furries.
  4. lajm

    lajm family guy funny moments

    other furries that aren't me or aren't cool dudes who dig some real specific stuff kind of scare me so I'd hang myself if i loved in a town with a shitload of funny-colored fursuits or something so idk??
  5. guy

    guy Not a fursuit

    The alluring thing about furry is the innocent spirit reflected in their eyes. So, are the anthros uncorrupted by our world? By their world? Are they somehow "Better" than we are? If no, why would I want to live with them? The hair/fur probably gets everywhere honestly. And if they're just a bunch of jerks like people can be, they have large, vicious teeth, claws, etc. Unbless they are in life the perfect ideal represented in furry art, I may not want to live with them.

    If they are, however, kind, decent, beautiful, tender hearted, vulnerable, loving, caring, nurturing, then yes, by all means, I would like to find a woman who loves me, and move to the remote lands of Alaska, and live with her out there, in the wilderness.

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