Commission (Selling): Writing & Art Commission Information! Updated! "Anything Goes!*"

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    Hello! Please call me Sariia or Lav. Sariia is the name I'll be using primarily on furaffinity since I've been considering adopting another regular username for my commissions and art.
    My page is here!
    Userpage of sariia -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    For more detailed commission information, please check my Deviantart announcement here!:

    Commissions are [OPEN]
    My commission prices are flexible and I try to keep them cheap since I know I'm not that great at art, but I'm hoping to get better with a lot of practice!


    I accept Paypal for Commissions.
    **I NOW ACCEPT DEVIANTART POINTS AS WELL! All prices are $1=100 points!**


    Digital & Traditional Sketch busts: $5
    Paintschainer Digitally Painted: $7
    Traditional Pencil Sketches 3/4ths(with or without shading): $6-10
    Traditionally Inked Lineart: $6
    Digital body sketches: $9
    Digital Lineart with Painting: $8-17

    Extra characters in any situations is a flat $3+


    My price per commission is usually $1 per every 150 words for any piece that is UNDER 3000 words.
    For any piece that is OVER 3000 words, the cost is $1 per every 100 words to accommodate for the time it takes to write such long works.
    (So a piece that is 3000 words would be $20. Every 100 words after this is another $1. A 4000 word piece, thus, would be $30, 5000 $40 and so on.)
    I write based from series, OCs, original ideas, self inserts (your self insert, not my own), and varied requests.
    I will not charge you extra if I write over the word limit you set for me. However, if you'd like to tip if I do this, I will not complain!

    I have a degree in English, and examples of my short fanfiction requests/writing can be found here:


    I WILL Draw/Write:
    All genders/sexes/pairings/relationships.
    kinks like inflation/gore/vore/watersports/tickling/etc
    YCH / Your Insert
    Literally ask, the worst I can say is no. I will not judge you or be rude to you over your kinks.

    I WILL NOT Draw/Write:
    mecha(will write, will not draw)
    loli/shotacon (excluding babyfur in NONSEXUAL situations)
    nsfw work for minors
    wings (will write, will not draw)
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    Examples of Art:
    Digitally Sketched Busts (normally $5):
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Paintschainer/Sai Painted busts (normally $7):
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Digital Sketch Lineart Flatcolor (roughly $13)
    Digital Lineart Painted (roughly $16)
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