Writing Commissions?

Discussion in 'Writing and Prose' started by candelantern, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. candelantern

    candelantern New Member

    Is there some kind of a precedent for this? It doesn't seem like it would fit in the "art sales and auctions" category, and although I am an illustrator I'm also looking for freelance writing work. Does anyone else have experience with doing these?
  2. that_redneck_guy

    that_redneck_guy the real life Bethesda RPG character and dragon.

    Well I looked into the usual pay that writing for a magazine or newspaper could get you. Look at what the professionals make and adjust from there what you think that you deserve to make!
  3. TikTikKobold

    TikTikKobold New Member

    I, too, would like to get into this field. I've had some luck at Deviantart (under a different name), by just posting on the Job Services or Projects Boards.

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