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Discussion in 'Writing & Prose' started by umbrastaff, Mar 18, 2017.

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    I'm rather new to this community but I do write a lot. But I was curious if anybody would be into writing commissions. I'm pretty much up to anything as long as it's nothing like underage ships or with underage characters, and I also won't write, vore, piss, vomit or scat kinks.

    If you're into this idea maybe, hit me up! I can show off samples of my writing if you ask and we can talk price by how many words there are or what is it I'm writing! Thank you and I hope you all have a good day/night!
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    Well, I'm writing myself ( http://aries.homeftp.net/publish/welcome_to_valhalla/wtv-texts/files/The_children_of_Earth.pdf ).
    Accordingly I am here in the hope to find a proofreader or somesuch.

    Do you have a sample of your activities so far?
    Depending upon your style and preferred topics, maybe we could give it a shot with a shortstory about a persons day.

    "Dear Diary,
    Today started as a pretty beautiful day. When we leave out the attack of some scaled monster early at 5am and the rainy weather we had since a week.
    Admittedly, I don't know why I talk with you. Because at this moment I am hanging in the branches of a tree whilst about ten feet below me some baby tyrannosaurus found its fond of leather and is eating you, together with the packmule. Maybe the reptile likes ass.

    Dear Diary,
    after about 5 hours, the reptile left us alone. Having lost our packmule wasn't as bad as we feared. Most of its load was eaten also, so we need to burden ourselves only a little bit more.
    The Radio is still operational, so I got to carry it now.
    Our headman things we might reach the mountainranges feet in about two days.
    Assuming everything proceeds as perfectly as it did so far, I guess we'll have a volcano eruption durign the night and the end of the world before noon tomorrow.
    Trying to be optimistic really improves my mood. My fellow explorers however don't see the advantages in being hit by a meteor out here.
    Our two archers went out to try shooting something edible, whilst I prepare a snare. Considering the sizes of creatures here, I should have asked for a few anti tank mines."

    Such a storytelling mode works completely different than the first person or third person perspective for telling a story.
    But it would work for what I have in mind.
    But I would need to have an idea of your style, and would need to know what you enjoy writing.

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