wtf is wrong with humans?!

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    Imma just leave this here 9d5d40b79e18979c505de59e72f4a787a4696745b36d01eace62e8bc7a757384.jpg
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    -We're destroying Earth's beautiful forests at an alarmingly fast pace mainly due to factory farming and resources.
    -We're polluting our air, which would be toxic for both us and other animal life.
    -We're melting the polar ice caps, which will rise sea levels and kill hundreds of millions of people/animals.
    -We're causing many innocent species to go extinct.
    -We're dumping lots of our waste into the ocean, which would destroy ecosystems and kill off many species if it gets bad enough.
    -We're destroying the ozone layer due to fossil fuels and methane produced from livestock (though the hole in the ozone layer has gotten much smaller as of lately, which is a good thing.)
    -The increase in temperatures due to global warming would again, kill off many ecosystems and species. We'd be forced to move up north due to the immense heat.

    That's just the environmental stuff.

    -Many countries are still constantly fighting and killing each other for idiotic reasons.
    -Many people still live without access to a lot of edible food, clean water, electricity, heating, safety, affordable housing, human rights, affordable healthcare, proper education, money etc.
    -Overpopulation is becoming a huge problem in countries like China, Bangladesh, and India.
    -We're consuming nearly 1.7 or so times the amount of resources Earth can actually hold.
    -There's still many people who hate others for idiotic things such as race, religion, gender, or sexuality.
    -We will destroy anything that comes in our way for our own personal gain without regard of the consequences.
    -We will go to war with each other at the drop of a needle.
    -The media is constantly lying to us and growing more biased seemingly every day.
    -People are seemingly becoming more cruel to each other.
    -Many governments around the world don't care much about their people due to greed.
    -Some charities that claim to fight for a cause secretly keep most of the money given to them and barley aid to the people they're targeting.
    -Corporations are gaining more and more control over us.

    I could go on. But humanity isn't completely bad. There's still plenty of good people out there that are willing to help others in need. There are tons of charities that actually do contribute to the cause they're aiming at. There's tons of people out there that would never hurt another person. There are many movements against environmental destruction and even go out of their way to help nature heal. Most people in general strive to do the right thing. There's a lot of organizations that try to progress our race into hopefully becoming a more peaceful and caring species. If most humans were truly cruel to each other, we'd all be dead by now or living in a dystopia. We wouldn't have reaserchers trying to find cures for diseases like cancer or aids. We wouldn't have organizations that are trying to save the environment and help other people in poverty ridden countries. There are many people out there that are against war and violence. Lots of people love to help others. Yes, as of right now, humans are a very flawed species, but we're not all bad. Just look at people like Elon Musk or Bill Gates. I still have hope for humanity. There might not be that much of it left, but it's still there. I just hope we don't kill ourselves in a nuclear blast along with the planet a few years from now.
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    My optimism so far has outlasted the jaded shadow that chases it. The world is full of wonder --if you look for it. Full of hope -- if you can see it. Full of promise that each new day brings. You can walk around miserable or hope for the best. I know which one I choose.
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    I will say that you can't always believe everything you see on the internet. Make sure you're reading from credible sources. I feel like a lot of bad things that happen in the world, that REALLY happen aren't going to be broadcast. There are a lot of terrible things that go on in the world and if you truly care about helping others then you CAN do something. You may feel like you don't have power but you can do small things that are powerful. You could donate to any charity and feed a starving person. You could start a non profit discussion group that meets weekly to encourage each other and help get people away from violence. Sure you can't stop everything and it is very sad but we could all DO something. If we don't then we're just coasting through life and have no room to bitch and complain about anything that happens.
  5. Life is suffering. And that can make people resentful, angry, and homicidal.

    So what do we do about it? We ease suffering. The best we can. We speak the truth of the nature of being, and we seek to ease the suffering in the world.

    The question isn't why people suffer. It's what we should do to alleviate it.
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    Speak the truth. That is the first step to less suffering. You can't solve a problem if you don't want to identify it.

    If you can look at the truth, you can look for answers and solutions.
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    Our president is an imbecile, to be sure. However, the media does report largely negative things, because that's usually what attracts clicks.
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  8. Indeed. If there was any race that learns to do more with less overtime, it's humanity. I'm not worried about overpopulation (it's expected to peak at 11 billion and then begin declining) or the enviroment because of that.
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    Everything is going according to plan.
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    Yeah, so you have confidence in humanity to try and do the right thing and come up with innovative solutions to our problems. We've all (most of us) become much more in tune with intelligent and diplomatic solutions to problems, knowing that several countries have an arsenal large enough to destroy the entire world several times. And that many people is going to be putting a massive, massive strain on our planet, so I don't share your optimism about the environment. I think we are already in the middle of the Anthropocene.
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    it's an interesting argument to say how humans have messed up the world like other creatures would have done a better job had it been up to them. can you imagine if cats ran the world? every politician would be brimming with self importance, let their country fall into ruin because they're more concerned with their next entertainment but luckily for them the over-brimming level of apathy with the rest of the world would mean nobody really gave a damn about any important issues and crime would be rife as every single individual would only care about their own needs instead of others. it would be chaos.

    however humans certainly don't try hard to better themselves or the living conditions of their Earthly home and are just happy slide slowly down a Helter Skelter of excrement in a burlap of lies they tell themselves like this is fine.

    but my race is man-eating goats so other than a policy to wipe out all humans we got nothing.
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    I can only imagine the food bill for those guys.
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    At least the Washington/Wall St fat cats could live up to there name:D
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    What's on the furry drama menu tonight? hmmmm yummmy oh boy!
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    Most of today's drama occurred in my Furry Bullying thread. I think some fur flew!
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    Pessimism is an important part of nature. While it's nice to think about success, all learning comes from failure. The fact that people pay closer attention to terrible things, like babies dying in ovens or the most recent "threat" of nuclear war, than they do good things, like breakthroughs in the reversal of permanent colorblindness or the middle class growing, leads to humanity as a whole addressing and fixing its many problems. As much as it seems like the world may be ending, it's always seemed like that, and it's only part of the process of improving it.

    We didn't start the fire, it was always burnin' since the world's been turnin'
    We didn't start the fire, no we didn't light it but we're tryin' to fight it

    Edit: All the dudes leaving lists of things wrong with the world in this thread are demonstrating this perfectly
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    Like I said in a previous post there's no stopping it,enjoy the decline...

    Nothing lasts forever.
    This game has been played time and time again through all human civilizational history and it always ends up in the same way on a long enough time frame...

    We never learn,maybe that's
    the point.Same game different players.

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    I was born with hooves, born with horns and a with a thick coat to protect me.
    I need no steel. I am already stronger than that.
    Could do with a gun though. It's difficult to kill things from a distance.
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    Necessity is the mother of invention. Call it over-compensation all you want, but it's why relatively weak and frail humans have been able to overpower stronger, faster, and more resilient lifeforms on a regular basis. That, and their inherent advantage of being natural ballistic computers by default.

    Also, as posted on another forum:
    "Really humans are a hyper optimized pursuit predator that reached apex levels as leveling up better trap-making increased our intelligence trait to stupid levels and we broke the system."
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    Yeah man do this. The media has proven to be extremely untrustworthy and downright scummy by, for example, doing this massive smear campaign on Trump at every turn. They did it during the election and are keeping at it now, so yeah, they're just a bunch of manipulative assholes, either blowing things out of proportion, picking shit out of the context or lying altogether. Do like me: dedicate the same time you'd spend to watch the completely unbiased and objective MSM news on furry porn instead! 100% value guaranteed
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    Regardless of whether the news in misrepresenting Trump the guy is somewhat of a car crash anyway. You can say things are blown out of proportion but it's clear that the guy either doesn't think before he opens his mouth or doesn't really care about the impact of what he says. I kinda think as the president of the united states he should have all this stuff written down before he makes speeches and not answer questions. Bush Jr was dumb enough to improvise when he doesn't have two sticks to rub together and though Trump is a lot smarter than him I think he really needs to plan things in advance more.
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    I love how almost every political thread turn into people bitching and whining about Trump. <3

    And this is why he won: You can't stop talking about him. At all.
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    we can't stop talking about cancer either but we're finding a cure. What kind of logic you have there fellow.
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    Trump himself does not have much power. Congress, Senate and the judges do.

    Some people are freaking out because their corrupt woman didn't get elected. Trump is the change America and the world needs. Perhaps not the one people want, though.

    Come 2020, I'm going to bring a lot of popcorn for the re-election of Trump.
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