wtf is wrong with humans?!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fuzzylumkin, Oct 23, 2017.

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    And I'll bring the bleach.
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    Voting a president in, is a popularity contest. Popularity doesn't make people smart enough to eradicate cancer cells.

    Completely different
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    Daddy Trumpu is saviour of mankind. Bow down before his might OR YOU WILL BE ERADICATED ( :V in case that wasn't clear enough)

    On a serious note I'm glad Trump won, first of all because he's been relentlessly targeted by the MSM's unjust shitslinging. The fact that they failed makes me really, really happy. Secondly, I concur with his idea that there needs to be heavy regulations when dealing with mass immigration, especially considering that the majority of these people come from countries that hate the West and by extension us. He crushes political correctness and the hoity toity holier than thou types that blindly follow that mindset. I like this. I just hate how lefties believe they're simply right from the get-go and just lazily label whoever disagrees with them as a ''nazi'', bigot and the like. May Trump's victory be a wake up call for them to get off of their high horse and see where they went wrong. I won't hold my breath but hopefully they'll improve from this. The one thing that I won't ever agree with the left on, however, is that we should let all these strangers into our countries. Jesus no. And lastly, I'm glad Trump won because this means Bitchary lost. Fuck her, it would have been a real tragedy if SHE were to become the first female american president, the crooked hag. It speaks volumes when not even the left, her very voters, liked her. There are so many tributes and people willing to defend Trump, I don't believe the same can be said about Cunton. The MSM just relied on making Trump look as unappealing as possible since Bitchary had nothing going for her. Again, they LOST and this makes me oh so happy. Justice prevailed!
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    Trump running for re election will probably induce something close to a civil war. If you wanted the downfall of our country, this might be it. Everyone in America hates everyone else.
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    that honestly didn't make an ounce of sense, please don't use the shortcomings of your own forced analogies as a refutation of someone else's logic.

    "Watering plants makes them live longer"

    "Yeah well I'm watering my phone right now, but it's not living longer.
    What kind of logic you have there, fellow"
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    Civil war. Because someone Left-wingers didn't like got elected. Give me a fucking break. I saw none of the violent crap when Obama got re-elected in 2012 from Conservatives. Yes, there were protests, but they didn't cause block-sized riots and burning down entire city blocks because someone they disagreed with politically got elected. They sure as hell didn't drag old people out of their cars for allegedly voting for Obama either.

    If a civil war breaks out, the National Guard and worst case scenario the military will have to step in, and you know who they will deal with: The offenders. Those who incited it. Namely, Left-wingers. And they won't use rubber bullets and gas grenades.

    If the Left didn't push utter garbage like "white guilt", "white privilege", "white genocide", social justice, identity politics and other crap, Trump would never have won. It's a matter of cause and effect. The cause was people pushing this crap. The effect was Trump being elected, by people who were sick and tired of identity politics and the lunacy the Left have become. Left-wingers caused what they themselves sought to prevent through ignorance, arrogance, cognitive dissonance and intellectual dishonesty. The Left failed to see that their own crap didn't hold any merit. They falsely label people disagreeing with them for being neo-Nazis, racists, sexists, +++.

    I could spend hours on why Trump got elected. I could spend hours on why the Left-wing are losing everywhere and on any level, including the culture war. But I am going to stop there for the sake of other people's sanity.

    Left-wingers made their bed. Now that they are forced to lie in it, they are wailing and screaming. They can't handle the truth. The consequences of their own actions.
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    If there is going to be a civil war it won't be because of Trump, trust me
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  9. Sarcastic Coffeecup

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    I yearn for the world in which presidents are chosen by scientific electorates instead of votes from the common, uneducated masses.
    Hell, make college level a requirement for voting and we'll increase the general amount of knowledge of voters and perhaps get some sense into this world.
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    Doesn't work, as the political climate today show. A good amount of college students are indoctrinated into Progressive ideologies, making it impossible.

    Unless of course we kicked out the ideologues from schools all over and reformed the school systems.. Maybe.
  11. Amiir

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    That's an excellent idea. No wonder I thought of it too
    Ah fuck, I forgot about this...
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    Isn't that what you're doing right now with "the Left" though?

    They don't do this. :l
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  13. BahgDaddy

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    Sounds like something taken straight from Fox News' Guide to Indoctrinated Behavior.

    It wasn't just that Trump won and Hillary lost. Hillary is a terrible, corrupt and vicious politician. Yet Trump is openly brazen in his embrace of corruption. His cabinet members include some of the worst perpetrators of modern day slavery - debt creators, the mega-rich, and industry magnates. They do not represent the people at all, they represent the interests of the rich. They engage in collusion and mass public delusion in order to create a population of programed imbeciles.

    That is why people rioted - not because Trump got elected, but because the unsophisticated amongst us elected, at long last, their moral and ethical leader. A person who bullies people, uses his position of power and privilege to maneuver politically and financially, and uses any opportunity to gain fame and riches. Trump fathers, Fred Trump, started the process of deceit and guile with a massive construction scam on the FHA - done in a perfectly legal manner, yet still entirely unethical.

    And it fact, when Obama was elected, the right erupted in an organized echo chamber of dissent. They manufactured lies about Obama's birth and his religion. They created conspiracy after conspiracy against him. Trump? They love Trump, because he represents them - a womanizing, philandering, thrice-married, gag-ordering cyber bully.

    "They falsely label people disagreeing with them for being neo-Nazis, racists, sexists"

    Mostly it's just that those people disagree with them and are their political enemy. I'm sure you heard about the neo-nazi riots in South Carolina? Where they ran over a girl? Really classy crowd.
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  14. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru I stubbed my log on a car! George Ciccariello-Maher, Drexel professor, calls for ‘white genocide’ on Christmas
    This is a university professor. He's not the only one, either.

    Granted, actual calls for white genocide are rare, but I do see a decent amount of open calls for violent action towards anyone who does not agree with the Left. Look no further than the lovely Deo on Twitter, a self-identified Communist Furry. Who commission art of her punching and being violent towards Foxler. Quite frankly, I think Deo should just confess her undying love for Foxler, as she can't seem to stop talking about him.

    Cause and effect, mate, cause and effect. When someone talks about something, there is an ever increased likelihood that someone who disagrees will react. And seeing as the topic always seem to somehow involve Trump and his alleged bigotry and all other crap.. If I don't react, someone else will. :p

    Trump is the result of the Left's own actions.

    Lots of claims with zero evidence there, mate.

    And what makes Trump so corrupt? You're only seeing what you want to see.

    Slavery? Oh, you mean that self-imposed debt you've accrued on your through your own actions? It's called being responsible and accountable for your own actions. It's not the loaners' fault you can't pay your debts. That's your fault. Don't take up loans when you can't pay for them. Quite frankly, it sounds like you have a bit of a bone to pick with people who are successful/rich.

    I love how you try and lump Trump voters into the same boat. You're basically calling them idiots for voting in their own self-interest and on a candidate they personally like. This is why he got elected.

    Some of them did, yes. They didn't set cars on fire and went around causing mass hysteria and riots. There is a tiny difference between being unwilling to cooperate with the POTUS and, I don't know, beating someone unconscious in the streets and causing hundreds of thousands of Dollars in damage.

    A decent amount of Republicans don't like Trump either. The Conservative establishment hate him because he's rattling their cage, and he's rattling it good. And boy is it fun to watch, as all kinds of degeneracy and outright corruption are leaking out everywhere.

    Charlottesville was a shitshow. Try to imagine what it's like to sit in a car with a large black bloc crowd banging at your car, screaming all kinds of crap at you and being genuinely threatening. Try and stay calm then. Whether the driver was a part of the NSM still remains to be seen. Even if he was part of the NSM, ANTIFA had no reason to be there in the first place, as they had no permit. ANTIFA started the shit. Quite frankly, ANTIFA seem to love starting shit where ever they go. Also: It seems you forgot to mention the two troopers who died in the helicopter that was flying over the scene. I am beginning to wonder why they died and how the accident happened.
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    What I meant was that saying he got votes out of people knowing the name makes no sense. You vote for people you like not just people you've heard of. Yeah it was a terrible example. Saying something is well known makes it popular and therefore people vote for it is like everyone agreeing that Marmite tastes bad and then voting for it as the world's best food product because they heard of it once. Notoriety does not equal admiration.
  16. -..Legacy..-

    -..Legacy..- Sergal Mafia :P

    But voting for it tasting better than option B, is.
  17. Jay98

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    yes but that's not the point the person i was answering was making.
  18. Amiir

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    Are you defending the left's act of casually slandering the right with the mentioned terms? Because nothing justifies it: slandering someone when you don't have arguments left to deconstruct him is what cowards do, disagreement or not. Also, political enemy! ENEMY! Fucking hell, if this ''you're either with or against us'' mentality is that adopted by the average leftist then no wonder things are going to shit
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    Fallacy of small sample size. Outliers largely are meaningless per the majority crowd. I can find people who say gays and furries should die, too.

    Apparently you haven't been reading the news. Everybody with any connection to Trump has had some sort of explosive corruption occur. Eg Manafort? And Trump fired James Comey for investigating him, even though Comey probably bought him the election by opening up another investigation on Hillary right before the election, which proved absolutely nothing. Trump is leading the most corrupt administration in U.S. history, one of first-class kleptocrats

    No, I am referring to the cycle of debt and business they rich use to privatize their profits and socialize their costs. In fact I'm doing quite well and paid off nearly $14k in credit card debt just this year, eliminating my debt line. The card companies were quite unhappy about this, so they've increased my credit line to $30k. Yikes.

    No, not idiots, but definitely ethically suspect. "Idiots" implies difficulty with thinking and low IQ levels. Studies have shown little correlation to back this up. And Trump voters and Trump supporters are not the same thing. Trump voters voted for Trump because they hated Hillary more. Trump supporters actually think Trump is not an unethical person, a deeply troubling sentiment.

    Yeah, one good thing that will come from this is increased awareness of how corrupt our country is. Every time Americans turn on the TV, they basically see their country going up in flames. Donations to the ACLU soared 8,000% (yes, 8 followed by 3 zeroes) after Trump was elected. In one week they collected more donations than they usually get in a year. Also, perhaps he will kill off the freedom-of-speech suppression machine that is PC.

    The neo-nazis had a protest, there were counter protestors (AntiFa was a minority counter-protestor; they were just the loudest) and the neo-nazis became aggressive towards the counter-protestors.
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  20. Crimcyan

    Crimcyan Im fox now, BAMBOOZLED

    Politics confuse me, all it seems like it is is just voting for some asshole to run your country. Then all this left and right stuff confuses me even more. So I stopped caring about politics all together.
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  21. BahgDaddy

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    I have a great many arguments to back up various terms against Trump, including misogynist, racist, bully, coward, unethical, and ego-maniac. I can detail them if you want - for instance, he is a misogynist because of his various comments disparaging women, placing gag orders on his wife, his "grab 'em by the p***y" comment, cheating on his wives, etc.

    By "political enemy," I meant people ideologically and politically opposed to one another. But I wouldn't call that an either/or statement. I have many friends who qualify as political opponents for me. We can talk about our politics, argue about them for a while, and then go fix a fence for someone.
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  22. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru I stubbed my log on a car!

    If we're talking small size, I can find gay Left-wing Furries who call for violence towards Right-wing Furries quite easily, so really, where are you going with this?

    This guy is a PROFESSOR. Seems you missed that part. Not some rinkydink nitwit not worth a damn on Twatter.

    "News". While in the same article they say they only have claims, no actual evidence.

    To quote the article itself:
    "An allegation of corruption is, of course, not proof that corruption took place, but when has the American body politic ever awaited certitude before passing judgment?"
    ^ Allegations doesn't make shit true, no matter how much you want it to be.

    Lets talk WikiLeaks! These Wikileaks Emails Prove Just What A Monster Hillary Clinton Is | HuffPost
    And then of course we have the lovely Russia Dossier, paid by Hillary and the Democratic party. Dossier shows Democrat, Russian collusion; no proof of Trump gossip
    Also. It's not called an investigation because you will get instant results or evidence.

    Yes, and is there a problem with being self-serving if you're not breaking any laws?

    Eh, no. Trump voters voted for Trump because they liked him, hated Hillary, wanted to watch the Left-wing burn or they simply chose the lesser of two evils. Either way, the reason for why people voted Trump are as many as there are people who actually voted for him. Trump supporters support him and continue to support him because they agree with what he stands for and does as POTUS.

    What you find ethical someone else may not, so really, you can't objectify ethics.

    Yes, all of which are what you want them to be.
  23. Amiir

    Amiir Deez nutz. Hah. Got 'eem

    No offence but with the whole anti-Trump smear campaign and their usual left leaning bias the media has lost all credibility. As far as I can see they aren't interested in regaining it either, they'll settle with whoring for the highest audience. That title? Obvious clickbait. What a shame. Reputable, neutral news sources are hard to come by these days.

    But in the end, you know what? Even if a leftist had come to power things would have been as good/as bad, just in different ways. In the past two decades Bush and Obama have been in power: two polar opposites, or are they? Who can tell for certain which period was better than the other? Nobody, because I'm pretty sure they both did an equally shit job. Now we're arguing here whether Trump is a shit president too. I say it's too early to draw conclusions yet, only keep in mind that the right has its doubts too. The left is especially paranoid about him because he's alien to their party, they have every right to be skeptical but everyone just needs to get off of the Trump right now and at least give him a chance because the way I see it he's being ''killed on arrival''. We need to step back and watch. This endless arguing and bickering is useless, the only constructive thing we can do is trying to facilitate the president's job

    By the way you conducted your points I find it hard to believe but if you say so... Not calling you a liar mind you, I'm just doubting it
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    ooooh you guys are really get ruffled in here
    *blushes* I don't want to say this but... when furries get angry and I see that fluffy fur oh my goodness hmmmm.
    also arguing about Trump is ridiculous to me, I wonder if he gets stronger when he divides Americans, like a mutant hate spongage.
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    I kinda think no matter which way you turn this topic as a whole kinda answers the question it was set up to ask. What's wrong with humans is that some things they agree on and others they don't. Where differences of opinions lie nothing gets answered and in the general level of apathy for a solid answer each individual strives for their own needs and interests somewhat missing the bigger picture and leading the human race into ruin step by step and people with power strive for their own interests at the sacrifice of others. No, this is not a political statement at all but more a idea of human nature in general is a destructive force as cruelty goes on without consideration and those who could act choose not to out of being distracted by their own concerns. The floating boundary between working together and working alone provides no productivity in a direction for a greater good but general lean towards the collective agreement on personal wants. Essentially humans are happy for the world to go to hell as long as it means an easier life for the individual. The pointless arguing of symbols like individuals such as politicians, celebrities, brands, etc misses the point of the general feel that people demand since feelings are difficult to put into words without association. Everyone wants to be happy and everyone wants their needs met but who to side with to achieve that brings conflict and no answers. Basically if we could all just agree to let be we'd be happier and then we could focus on things that matter like food and shelter. It's ironic that the countries that have more of their needs catered for complain the most. Be glad with what you have. You don't want the alternative.
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