(you) What got you into the furry fandom and why?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jayy-Dog, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. Jayy-Dog

    Jayy-Dog New Member

    Personally I got into it by all the art and how-- variable it can be drawn. The pure mixture of style and design compliments it. I am an aspiring animator hoping to reach Vivziepop's level and that alone inspired me into drawing more and more hoping to reach full potential!

    Now, as the title thread question says, what got you into the furry fandom and why? I wanna hear your inspirations and thoughts!
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  2. Mandragoras

    Mandragoras Inept Abecedarian

    I was always fond of non-human characters and perspectives in the sort of science fiction and fantasy material I liked as a kid. When I was very young I also had this weird sort of recurring fantasy where I had a phantom snout and tail, sometimes to the point that I could feel it there. I was a strange child. Later, I began writing a set of beast fables which became the forerunner to the thing I'm writing now.

    As for actually entering the fandom, I read a few dumb, strange webcomics in my teens, but I only really started to identify as a furry after my future boyfriend and I started to really get close and I finally got comfortable with the idea.
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  3. Kirkzer

    Kirkzer Active Member

    I always like animals, as a kid a very small part of me wanted to be one but it was not going to happen so I forgot about it. When I was older I wanted to be a anthropomorphic animal but again it was not going to happen so I did not think much more about it unfortunately. Probably because I was very shy. I recently came across a cringe video on youtube with fursuiters and it was very cringely but some reason I couldn't help but look at more! and then I came crossed a furry fan documentary on YouTube and I seen how fantastic the community is and I knew immediately I find something I wanted to be a part of so bad. I love being a character and making others happy :)
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  4. T-LARC

    T-LARC Well-Intentioned Mess

    The bitches.

    Nah, but seriously, the bitches.

    Nah, but seriously, the community and the talent it espouses is incredibly inspirational. Although I love it for the fursuiting, I'm constantly impressed by how so many incredible people can be brought together around a common love. ^_^
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  5. Alex K

    Alex K Guest

    My love for animals has taken me into all sorts of instances. Like the first time I had a dog. The time I was bitten by a horse. And who could forget the time we drove the tractor together to harvest them crops?

    Good ol' times
  6. Sergei Sóhomo

    Sergei Sóhomo Well-Known Member

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  7. pippi

    pippi Stinky Skunk

    The actual fandom, I found out about on Second Life. I saw it on like CSI or something and they had someone with a fox avatar and I was like "oh I wanna make one!" and that's when I found out there were other super animal-y people out there besides me.
  8. MadKiyo

    MadKiyo Villainous Fly

    I saw an IHE video 3 years ago and the fandom intrigued me. If I wasn't a miserable fool back then, I probably would have never joined this.
  9. Ketren

    Ketren Member

    Gaming. I was looking for games like WolfQuest and stumbled upon a furry website. The rest is history.
  10. MaikeruNezumi

    MaikeruNezumi Irritable street rat

    One word: DeviantArt.
    You figure out the rest.
    at least that's how I discovered the fandom's existence.
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  11. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    I was raped by a man in an animal suit, thus, here I am. I also fap to anthro porn, I'm an anti-humanist so I find it more sexually appealing.

    Don't get your panties in a twist, I am only joking. No, the simple fact of the matter is that I like anthropomorphic content in one form or another, this fandom feels like a suitable outlet to reflect those interests.
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  12. AustinB

    AustinB Active Member

    Ayyy that's one of the videos that inspired me to become a furry. IHE in general is a really good youtuber.

    As for what made me a furry? I like anthro animals. That's literally it. Nothing more, nothing less.
  13. real time strategist

    real time strategist "What's an airport, again?"

    Saw this video bashing furries because they are just a fandom based around sex and one day I decided to search furry on YouTube (This was before cringe videos became popular), saw a majira video, and while I liked the whole fursuit idea, I was still disgusted on what they were, so I did some research and found out that, that's not what furries are, so I unsubbed from the dude that talked about furries, and haven't watched his content since. Then I became a furry because I liked animals and the idea of anthro animals.
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  14. Atsuma

    Atsuma Need to find RPs...

    I hated furries so much...To be honest I still hate some furries, I dont wanna get in trouble lol.. Anyway I loved how some looked and started to like them a lot.. like a lot cause they are just so damn awesome looking.
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  15. VenomousInk

    VenomousInk Cuddle Bunny

    I never thought I'd be a furry, couldn't see myself as one. But after a lot f my friends back stabbed me and left me, two a half years later, I wanted a change.
    So becoming a furry is actually liberating. I've been told the furry community is a great and warm place to be and so far I've never had any regrets. Plus its managed to change my... well, 'sexual preferences' (lets leave it at that).
    Kind of why I'm a bunny, to be cuddled and to take the sting of loneliness away. It sucks, but maybe one day I'll find someone ^^
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  16. Orcashia

    Orcashia Blue Orca

    A friend took me to my first convention in Feb 1997. ConFurence, I believe. My friend got me a seat at the table for giving members their badges. I was thrilled! Then the fursuiters started coming in and I was in awe at the site of such beautiful artistic abilities. I fell in love with the whole idea of the fandom! I already loved animals so this was an easy choice for me. All the artistic abilities people had in one place. I'm still in awe to this day at some of the abilities of artists, in a variety of media, in the fandom.
  17. Kaprima

    Kaprima woof

    Neopets, lmao.
    I only ever drew them, and learned about anthro from an oekaki based around it
    It took me awhile to stop drawing feral sparkledogs but eventually I branched into anthro
  18. KageSakuraclown

    KageSakuraclown Active Member

    I just always loved animal characters and then out furaffinity and liked a lot of the art
  19. nerdbat

    nerdbat Green butt of reason

    Battos. They're evil, don't trust them
  20. Phoenix-Kat

    Phoenix-Kat Guest

    I never felt like I was truly human. I was never sure exactly what species I was "supposed" to be, I just knew human wasn't it. I was on a Lion King fan art site and a lot of the other people on there described themselves as "furries". I only learned it was a bad thing when I told my mother who happened to see that CSI episode. But that didn't stop me. I kinda got into the furry fandom expecting to find others who felt the same about being born in the wrong body.
  21. Bidoyinn

    Bidoyinn Member

    Animal characters are the shit and furaffinity has a lot of them.... Also probably Redwall.
  22. Xing Tian

    Xing Tian Active Member

    my friend got me into it by showing me all the art XD
  23. OtterScience

    OtterScience New Member

    So I was in foros DZ and there was this nice little thread in the hard yaoi section that said "Pokemon yaoi" and I thought "WELP I love yaoi, I love Pokemon, what can go wrong?"

    And BAM Yiff in my face.
  24. MrPhox

    MrPhox Member

    Hmm for the art, furry arts.

    I like anthro animals naked, clean and anatomically correct are what I like.
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  25. PoptartPresident

    PoptartPresident A teen chatter box

    I'm not even really a furry myself. I consider myself human because I like being considered as the currently dominant/smartest animal on the planet.

    I find not only other human guys attractive, but furries as well.
    I dunno why though.
    Maybe it's because I like drawing and I've learned to grow close and build relationships with the non-human entities I always draw

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