(you) What got you into the furry fandom and why?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jayy-Dog, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. Bidoyinn

    Bidoyinn Member

    Animal characters are the shit and furaffinity has a lot of them.... Also probably Redwall.
  2. Xing Tian

    Xing Tian Active Member

    my friend got me into it by showing me all the art XD
  3. OtterScience

    OtterScience New Member

    So I was in foros DZ and there was this nice little thread in the hard yaoi section that said "Pokemon yaoi" and I thought "WELP I love yaoi, I love Pokemon, what can go wrong?"

    And BAM Yiff in my face.
  4. MrPhox

    MrPhox Member

    Hmm for the art, furry arts.

    I like anthro animals naked, clean and anatomically correct are what I like.
  5. PoptartPresident

    PoptartPresident A teen chatter box

    I'm not even really a furry myself. I consider myself human because I like being considered as the currently dominant/smartest animal on the planet.

    I find not only other human guys attractive, but furries as well.
    I dunno why though.
    Maybe it's because I like drawing and I've learned to grow close and build relationships with the non-human entities I always draw
  6. pandymeez

    pandymeez the smol dragoo

    My true furry awakening happened when I found out about fursuits! That's when I found out what furries were and that I very much wanted to play around in an adorable, hot, barely ventilated, fur and foam deathtrap. xD
    Before then, I'd say back when I was little and started playing neopets and getting really into everyone's art. I absolutely adored every artist I could find and all the little stories they had for their characters/pets! It was great back then.
  7. Khazius

    Khazius The Fruit Bat

    3 of my best friends were all furries (Each unrelated to the other) and I was like "I clearly attract these people and get along with em, might wanna check it out" and boom I stayed xD
  8. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru Wut?

    In my case it's not exactly a long story.

    Found Furry porn as a kid. Found out later there were a community around this, in 2008. Boom, I joined it. It's only in the past year where I've really gotten involved in the fandom, and some of the communities inside it.
  9. DusterBluepaw

    DusterBluepaw [creative custom title]

    Back in my 4chan days i found a furry porn thread, i found it interesting and wanted to know more, obviously i got told oh they fuck animals and they are all weird, i decided to go on a forum and just ask if what i was told was true, found out the truth and thought it was pretty cool, the whole idea intrigued me, making your own cartoon character, the amount of original content in the fandom but also finding out that there was other people who liked paws like i did, so it made me feel less insane, but i quit in 2008 because of all the hate i was getting, too much of a troll back then, my aussie attitude of swearing and that sort of thing also smoking weed and just generally being myself.

    I was already depressed after someone passed, and the rejection upset me, so i just quit and that was my last attempt untill back around 2014, checked out a bunch of cool artists, the toony types like dingoroo, kipper and so on, but was too intimidated to create an FA again, i also joined some clash of clans furry clans, but again, people didn't like me talking about drugs, conspiracies or history or any of the stuff i was into, i did find one guy who i still speak to, who he himself has only me as a friend, but this month i'm really making an effort to get into it, not just to motivate me to draw again but to try and make some friends but im starting to think its pointless, im just too edgy, controversial, a downer and all my other different personalities for most i guess so i dunno.
  10. Crimson_Steel17

    Crimson_Steel17 Jumping feet first into hell... seems like my job

    How did I get into the Furry fandom? Long. Fucking. Story. But I'll tell the long version, since I got the time.

    I was on my regular late-night YouTube binge, getting into what some of us (I used to be one of these, mind you) normies call the "weird end of YouTube"- exactly the fucking same as the Furry definition, just includes Furry content in the definition xP. I found one of YouTube's Furry Content Creators, Kothorix, and I ended up binging his "F@┬ęK IT" series- ending with a video by the name of "Questions Furries have for Normies" (linked here).

    So it got me thinking, and this was a while after my channel had gotten online... What IS a Furry?

    So I started researching the fandom, and it started to resonate with me- I realized that there was something I could relate to. Being a good researcher, and a better journalist, I attempted to gain every last bit of insight I could possibly have... and then my fursona was a thing. Without thinking, I made the art I did- and then realized the potential consequences afterwords. I had a short conversation with Kothorix via Twitter, and at the same time the group of fellow furries on this site helped me come to terms with my realization- let's face it: it's not a Normy's goal to be furry. In my case, though, it just happened... and I ultimately decided to roll with it. I know, it isn't a religion or a sexuality, or anything else that's special, but sometimes the small things are the hardest to come to terms with.

    And here I am... designing a fursuit... if you told me 5 years ago this would be me, I'd have said you were joking! Anyway, thanks for your time, and your patience with my wall of text, but that's about it; I wondered, I researched, and I caught the art fever. Have a good one!

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