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    Not too long ago, I had an... interesting debate with a supposedly Muslim LGBTQ+ supporter that started off with a post on social media by a mutual friend, who is something of an anarcho-pacifist by nature. I made a comment on the state of affairs since Trump's inauguration regarding the Left descending into a sort of "demonizing barbarism" and how it was only feeding into the rhetoric of the far-Right, and apparently buddy didn't take too kindly to me using the word "barbarism" to describe it.

    In summary, it boiled down to the supposed notions that the words "savagery" and "barbarism" have racist and colonialist connotations, and that emotion is better than logic when it comes to decision-making. Right...

    As much as I could explain the rather dim view I have of humanity in general, of which I see the average human being as an impulsive savage that needs to be governed, buddy then goes on an emotionally-charged rant about systems of oppression, followed by an ad hominim attack, before he then voluntarily resigned to go hang out with his like-minded friends.

    Throughout this exchange, I'm having a far more enlightening conversation with the mutual friend over the pros and cons of an anarchist society, all the while agreeing that violence is a poor means of achieving it. He asked me later on about my Hobbesian views, in light of the spat I had with buddy there, to which I responded:
    And this is his response:
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    Space has only been around for hundreds for 100s of years so it's not as though we could possibly know all this unless we live on those surfaces
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    It's actually been around for a few trillion years. And we might not live on these surfaces, but scientists are still able to accurately measure the temperatures of these stars through spectroscopy.

    Spectroscopy is the study of the interaction between light waves and matter. It's used in astronomy to determine chemical composition, Doppler shift, density, mass, motion, and even temperature.
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    Oh sorry ah meant to say hundreds of space years
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    Once again, nope.
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    See? It's been around for hundreds of SPACE years
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    Fucking ESO fucking level scaling is fucking bullshit. Fuck.
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    I hate when I get fed vegetables based foods and theyre not properly washed and I bite into a grain of dirt. It might not be an opinion but I absolutely hate it.
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    I really dislike the term "cringy". Especially since it's suddenly so overused nowadays. I'm sorry, but using this non-word makes you sound like an unintelligent trendy douchebag. Might I suggest a few perfectly good synonyms that are actual words?


    Etc, etc.
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    I'm i only here that get's annoyed by how much misinformation & made up lies get spread about diet soda?. It just carbonated water, flavoring & 60 to 200mg of what sweetener they use.

    Meanwhile a full bottle of 500ml of sugary soda is as fattening as two hamburgers. Because of having 80g of sugar. corn syrup apparently has same appetite enchantment & liver damage to alcohol because of there fructose content, So corn syrup based drinks are no better than having 2 or 1 beers.
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    There's pros and cons to it all the same. By all accounts, I wouldn't recommend drinking diet soda unless you're hypoglycemic or diabetic, but compared to the absurd sugar content of some fruit juices out there (a bottle of lemonade is likely to have twice the sugar content as an equivalent-sized bottle of soda for instance), there's not many options out there that don't involve attempting to dilute the beverage in question.

    On a personal note, I'm not a huge fan of artificial sweeteners, as I find many of them to be too sweet for my tastes.
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    How does that change the fact that sugar free sodas are harmless?. My mom been a diet coke fan for 38 years never had any problems. I've never had any issues going diet like with coke zero, irn bru extra & the monster ultras.

    The whole artificial chemicals bad natural ones good logic is as old as a dead meme. I don't touch anything natural sweetener because it just gives me diarrhea. Like the weathers original sugar free chewy toffee's. Heck most root beer's are artificial flavored because the real one is toxic.
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    Harmless on their own, maybe, but what about your eating habits overall? It's a cute notion that you can do your body good by making even a vacuous healthy choice like diet pop, but that's one choice out of thousands that you make in a day, and I highly doubt that all of them are going to be healthy in their own right.

    Doubly so when research studies have suggested that diet drinkers are less likely to consume healthy foods

    Also, Diet Coke has only been available on the market for 35 years.
    I never said I subscribed to that logic.
    That sounds like a you problem.
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    Eggnog is disgusting, who tf thought it would be a good ides to blend milk and egg together and call that a drink
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    Well, I think they were trying to take a step towards being like Skyrim.
    For an MMO, it might not be the best thing, but for an Elder Scrolls game... Makes sense.
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    Skyrim didn't have this sort of crap.
    ESO is an MMO. It makes no fucking sense at all.
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    In Skyrim, everything is kind of scaled. You can go most anywhere and the enemies will be at an appropriate level. In the same way that the armor you find is of an appropriate level.
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    Is ESO good? I've heard mostly negative things about it. As compared to other Elder Scrolls games.
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    My friends and I like it.
    Of those who dislike ESO, most feel it's too MMO for an Elder Scrolls game, or too Elder Scrolls for an MMO.
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