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    its fake its hard to explain Australia's systems but they're not cover uppy and plutocratic like other countries i mean we have free/refundable healthcare ffs the government wont care about not making money they would just tax it like other treatments the only difference between the public/private healthcare system here is a more comfy hospital and shorter wait times

    essentially if they're not promoting it then its fake
  2. Fallowfox

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    I think scientific journals are a neutral source, rather than a biased source, actually.

    Many modern medicines are based on extracts derived from plants (Aspirin is a derivative of willow bark for example, and many anti-malarials are derivatives of quinine) and traditional folk medicines, so I don't think a dichotomy exists between modern medicine and 'natural medicine' anyway. Modern medicine is almost exclusively based on interesting chemicals that scientists have found in the natural world.
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    AHH i the US if you want, say acetometaphin, to go into market you'll need to fill out paper work which will allow you to research your product, you then spend 2 years researching your product and funding research for will then proceed to studies on specific animals for another 3 years or so...then have to study its target audience and its another couple of years of doing that...they then have a couple years with that specific product and no one can copy the ingredients...but after that allocated time its fair game...thats when the generic brand pops in and BAM, i can afford meds!!
    I am currently studying medicine so thats why i can somewhat remember the amount of time it takes because it was on a test.
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  4. Belatucadros

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    Just because these drugs are derived from natural sources doesn't mean they are safe. It's the artificial man-made crap they put in the pharmaceuticals that make them potentially dangerous. Chemicals "based" on natural sources are nothing like the actual natural chemical.
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  5. GreenZone

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    i also once studied Medicine

    its annoying when people think Universities just sit us in a room with a speaker going "big pharma is good Holistic medicine is bad" isn't it?... big Pharma is not even a thing here...
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  6. Belatucadros

    Belatucadros Sláinte chugat!

    That's not how they do it here in America. From what I've heard, all they do is teach you how to prescribe drugs.
  7. MsRavage

    MsRavage Hello!

    Im located in socal and the colleges i've gone teach much more than prescribing drugs...medicine is so much more than prescribing a specific medication...its route, contraindications, effects,how it works, warnings, specific regulations, off label uses, alternative names, specific species it can be used on..its much more than simply learning how to prescribe it.
  8. Fallowfox

    Fallowfox T-Tauri

    Well, of course, there are lots of poisons in nature too. Like cyanide, snake venom, nicotine, methanol, hemlock and so on. All of those things are entirely natural.

    I'm just saying this idea that modern medicine is all bad, opposed to natural things that are all good, is a false dichotomy.

    Moreover the augmented version of salicylic acid (acetylsalicylic acid) you'll find in modern aspirin is actually better for you than the natural version in Willowbark, which can cause stomach ulcers.
    Many natural medicines are actually deadly poisons if you take them in large amounts (like warfarin; plants mostly evolve interesting chemicals in order to repel animals that might damage them) so pharmaceutical scientists usually try to alter the chemical formula to reduce unwanted side effects that are unrelated to the drug's useful chemical properties, if they can.
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    American doctors don't have the best bedside manner that's what ive been told but you are applying your own countries systems to another Americans seem to think the English speaking world is the same as them

    fun fact there's American foods that can't be legally sold here because the ingredients looks like the periodic table and its too fatty

    i remember there was a food review for a 120g breaded steak i wanted to compare it to something i had in the freezer so i found the 400g frozen Pizza i forgot about (i don't normally eat fatty things it was Emergency pizza)

    the 400g Australian pizza had less ingredients less calories less fat and more protein IN TOTAL than a single serve 120g American breaded steak

    i remember another example was one of those "healthy foods that aren't really healthy" things and one was lite avocado dip it said it was 400 calories per serving i freaked out cause i use that a lot for sandwiches and checked mine

    it says (checked it now) 74 calories per serving...

    you can't apply your own country to everything else mate
  10. Saiko

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    No, as a scientist, I can tell you that reliable science is extremely easy to identify and quite standardized. These sites that "obviously shun anything otherwise" went through the most basic vetting processes for a claim. They checked his sources; they were false or anecdotal. They checked for peer review; there was none. They checked the details of the claim, and they were trivial (burning away benign cells). This is the definition of evidence for a claim being unscientific and/or false. Any claim that fails these qualifications is either extremely premature or horse shit and cannot supplant current knowledge.
  11. Crimson_Steel17

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    I personally respect studies conducted by reputable Universities (and independent organizations) that have been verified multiple times. In cases such as Andrew Wakefield's "proof" that the MMR vaccine was linked to Autism (which was later reviewed and retracted, as well as resulting in Wakefield being stripped of his Medical License), subsequent reviewers can usually tell if the initial result was fabricated; for this reason, a key aspect of "true" science is confirmation of results. You could have wonderful double-blind setup, have no conflict of interests between your grant suppliers and the situation you're studying, and ultimately have the least possible biased result, but if someone else doesn't confirm it then you're just a joke (the double-blind method is highly respected, and when implemented properly can reduce the likelihood of biased results).
    First order of business, hands off. You need to take your own advice, because you just came as close as possible (without actually doing so) to equating an entire country to a single dish. Second, what the f*** is a "breaded steak" that you speak of? Because I can tell you right now that most Americans hear "steak" and they think of a nice, juicy sirloin that's been cooked and seasoned to perfection- no bread included, unless you're talking about a roll or biscuit that's served on the side, or someone thought it was a good idea to put steak on a sandwich (which honestly depends on the cut, how it's seasoned, and what else is on the sandwich). Finally, what is on your pizza that makes it "Australian" that is not on "American" pizzas? Because unless you use the same name for a different dish, I don't think you know the true potential of the pizza...
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  12. Saiko

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    If I understand correctly, it's also known as a "country fried steak." You take a relatively cheap cut of beef, pound it to tenderize it, coat it with a bunch of bread crumbs, and pan fry it. You serve it with gravy, and it's stupidly rich and delicious. I'm not sure how many ingredients he thinks it has, though. From scratch it's only five or six things plus seasonings.
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  13. Crimson_Steel17

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    Ohh, that. Yeah, that's one of those dishes you only eat when it's made from scratch; something tells me he looked at a TV dinner version and decided that was the only version of the dish there is...
  14. GreenZone

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    Let Me Google That

    well there actually is a difference between Australian and American Pizzas (we put more toppings on ours) but it was for the sake of identifying the different foods akuna yo tattas

    At any rate this is across the board mate not just one food item

    ok, ok ok, better example

    US McDonald's has 19 ingredients in its fries
    AUS McDonald's has 4 including oil

    you guys add chemicals to everything
  15. MsRavage

    MsRavage Hello!

    WHAAA, ok so you are "can" put many toppings on your pizza...its just pepperoni is cheap and most people like it...we have places like pizza hut, dominos that can make whatever pizza you want with toppings you want and then theres wonderful places like blaze it where you literally create your own pizza out of scratch and put whatever you want on it...if im going i put almost every veggie known to man in there. you can also buy premade pizzas that are sold in the frozen isle with tons of toppings on it.
    Now about mcdonalds- here is Australia's ingredients :
    here is USA's mcdonalds ingredient list: McDonald's Nutrition Calculator | McDonald's

    one has 4 and another has 6...19 is exaggerated
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  16. Crimson_Steel17

    Crimson_Steel17 The night is my solace; the day is my prime

    See, YOU understand the true potential of the pizza. You can put ALL the toppings on a pizza if you want...
  17. Belatucadros

    Belatucadros Sláinte chugat!

    Reminds me of the days when you could get pizzas the size of your table with an inch of cheese and enough toppings to cover fifty of the pizzas you get today... :D
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  18. Crimson_Steel17

    Crimson_Steel17 The night is my solace; the day is my prime

    If you're ever in Pullman, hit up Sella's Pizza on Main Street. You can get "The Monster" which is essentially what you just described...
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    This forum seems to have very few active threads.
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    I think a lot of people have migrated to discord due to the reply restrictions. I joined a server which was originally made up out of lots of people in the openchat thread, And now I suddenly own it XD
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    Well, it didn't help that half the local furs on that server were acting like professional trolls... Then again, I haven't seen Karatine on any of the other servers for while now. Wonder what happened to him...
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    fite me 1v1 be at Ayers 1 hour

    nah but really what you linked was nutritional information not ingredients World Famous Fries®: Crispy French Fries | McDonald's

    i count 12-14 ingredients and it doesn't actually list them all it says "As a start" the 19 ingredients thing was well known because grant imahara casually said it during a McDonald's PR thing and everyone (not American) was like "what?"
    also advertising and food labeling laws are really poor in the states so it probably still is 19 they're just not listing some things
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  23. Crimson_Steel17

    Crimson_Steel17 The night is my solace; the day is my prime

    So was the "McNuggets are pink paste" thing, but THAT obviously turned out to be false.
    Um, I'm sorry, but WHAT?! One does not simply engage in false advertising here in the US, and if one does not heed the warnings of the lawbooks then the consequences are severe. You really need to do better research on American laws before criticizing them, even as an American (such as myself) would need to seriously research Australian laws in the same right...
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    yeah but this wasn't a rumor it was McDonald's themselves saying this and this was only like 2014-15

    i guess poor by my own country

    In America they can say things like "100% beef!" but on the ingredients it only says 3% beef its because that may only be 3% beef but its 100% Beef

    Australia can't do that if it says 100% free range beef it needs to be 100% free range beef

    an incident that happened recently was one of our supermarket chains which has a bakery inside was saying that its bread was "baked fresh in store daily" when in reality the bread was made and half baked in Germany then brought over frozen to Australia then just fully baked as the store needed them

    food also needs to contain ingredients it can't just say "artificial flavorings" it needs to list most if not all of those flavorings unless its a "secret recipe" type deal as is with KFC

    the supermarket was fined something insane like $111 mil in fines (2.5mil per breach) and forced to comply with what they were advertising

    you also have something we don't have which is lobbyists
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  25. MsRavage

    MsRavage Hello!

    its there i made sure you have to click on additional links in there but they both list ingredients in each. the US one makes you click a couple things but it is present...i believe where they obtained the 19 amount was from the additional information about vegetable oil and burger flavor.

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