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  1. ChapterAquila92

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    I agree with Old Fashioned; some amplifying details would help us in understanding your situation.

    With that said, I agree that post-secondary institutions are rather unforgiving. You have to be very dedicated to your studies (or stupidly rich) to make the most out of your money there, and being punctual with your administration goes a long way to making your student life a lot easier.
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  2. GreenZone

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    you mean in America...

    other countries aren't like that in UK,Sweden and down under your first two years of college are our last two years of highscool so when you do go to uni you're only learning our degree also in Australia's case its almost free

    if you don't have the money to pay outright you have something called a hex debt which you only begin paying back after you earn a certain amount suitable to your degree

    so environmental science might be 61,000 per year medicine might be 80,000 a year and so on plus you can't not pay it since its taken out of your pay automatically
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  3. ChapterAquila92

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    That's without considering scholarships and bursaries. The former is meritocratic in nature, but when it comes to bursaries many are absurd on account of being free money for the accidental circumstance of your birth (i.e. Money for being of Armenian descent, money for being a woman, money for having some obscure blood relation or lineage, money for your parents' profession, etc.). If you know what you're doing, you can game the system and get through university without having to pay back a dime, as several family members can attest to.

    I made myself ineligible for both during my university years by enrolling in the Regular Officer Training Program from day one, in which the military - and thus the government - pays for everything except food and housing which they give you a monthly allowance for in the form of a paycheck (which equates to less than minimum wage on its own). The only caveat is having to pay back the military a year of service for every year at uni, but that's a small price I've willingly paid in exchange.

    Simply put, us in North America have a societal preference towards what can be considered private endorsement when it comes to paying for post-secondary, even when that money technically comes from government institutions.
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    idk our "westpoint" has its own university called ADFA which linked to the University of New South Wales but they only offer degrees beneficial to your military career but yes i am aware of your system they tried to do that here but there was a borderline Rebellion many a people used the sentence "do you WANT things to be like America?" to me that's not necessarily taking a jab at the US just showing how bad things have gone in the states
  5. ChapterAquila92

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    The funny thing is that I'm not talking about the States in particular; Canada has a similar system, with the Royal Military College being our Westpoint. It's not an absolute requirement for potential officers to attend RMC however; any accredited civilian university is equally acceptable (and just as well, when only 350 out of ~2000 new applicants per year end up going to RMC.)

    Still, you're right in pointing out that potential officers need to plan their military careers accordingly. To those who already have the required degrees in mind however, it's not only a non-issue but also a good investment on the military's part. The rest is administration, which is more or less what an officer needs to be capable of handling anyway.
    Part of the States' problem is the lack of transparency and a general unwillingness to allow auditor watchdogs to uphold it for matters of accountability. There's nothing inherently wrong with private endorsement itself.
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    that's weird cause we have RMC too but its not the academic portion of officer training its the nitty gritty basic soldiering skills part

    you do ADFA first then go to RMC but here officers usually plan out their degrees for when they leave the military in the case of a friend of mine who's just been promoted and pretty upset about it wants to leave and become an author or some kind of creative which is odd since his plan was to become a history teacher once he left since his degree is in military history
    i don't agree with it because everyone should have the right to higher education not just the wealthy

    my university for example is the Australian equivalent to harvard i had a 80k debt when i left which i paid off over my Army career but when they were talking about de regulating university my degree would have been 150k in total 300k including med school
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  7. ChapterAquila92

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    Our CFLRS functions in the soldiering skill training department.
    So? It's not uncommon for people to realize that their dream jobs are not as fulfilling as they thought they would be, shift gears and make changes to their plans thereafter. If anything, having contingency plans is far more important than fixating on something that may or may not be for you.
    Let me reiterate what I said earlier: scholarships and bursaries exist specifically because few people are that wealthy. Scholarships especially exist for the high-achieving students who would otherwise not have that kind of financial backing.

    To each their own however. As much as I admire the premise of your system as a matter of affordability for everyone, I personally prefer to be in an environment with people who are more likely to be dedicated to their studies.
  8. MsRavage

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    no sadly i do not have priority registration but i still have top of the line...the people that have priority get the classes and it blows
  9. Kit H. Ruppell

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    If self-proclaimed 'progressives' care so much about women, LGBT, animals and the environment, they would do well not to make excuses for religious beliefs, particularly those of the Abrahamic faiths.
  10. MsRavage

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    @Kit H. Ruppell i try to be progressive...and living in the united states means that people are free to practice whatever religion they choose. There should ALWAYS be a separation of church and state no matter what religion...and 9/10 its usually christian religions that try to impose their beliefs onto others...i've had the pleasure of meeting and knowing many people that follow the Muslim faith, and those are great people that have no intentions of throwing their views at others, forcing women to be submissive to their partners, etc. In fact, I have family that is Muslim and, both are female, are some of the most powerful outspoken women i've ever met.

    Muslims get a very bad rep for how other people practice it in other nations...of course there is iraq and afghanistan and you see women treated poorly...being burned to death for doing something the men didn't like...however...that is not true to all fact...many Muslims are not like that...but, like always, people are quick to assume a portion represents the whole and will commit the fallacy of hasty generalization....

    In America, many muslims worship how they choose and do not impose their beliefs onto others...i have never been met by a muslim person telling me i need to praise allah...i have ,however, been spoken to by catholic people, christian people, jehovah's witness, and mormons.
    I'd also like to point out that many understand the quran as an old text with outdated ideologies...and that while they choose to practice some aspects..others are not (of course some places choose to follow it to a T, just like some christian people and they're pretty similar)

    What I am saying is unless you've read the quarn, have gone to multiple muslim churches, know muslim can you so clearly know exactly what they preach...we forget that America is home to MANY religions...and each religion has its extremes (well most..i can't find anything on extreme buddism stuff but i bet its out there). There are some mormons who believe in arranged marriages and polygamy with children. There are many christian people that try to push their ideals on everyone in the nation, proclaiming america is a "Christian Nation" which is false. Ultimately, the final ultimate say is this :im america, you have a freedom of religion...and that does not mean only for means for all...which, by the way, im happy for and i personally follow the church of satan since they usually will defend freedom of religion and separation of church and state.

    Just remember in america, scientology is a thing and that's a religion based off a fictional book that was written not to long ago.
  11. MsRavage

    MsRavage Hello!

    And, just because i think its crazy, here are some youtube videos about weird religious people in america :

  12. ACaracalFromWork

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    on christian hate groups
    You can not hate others and say I also follow jesus how ridiculous and say Jesus is love but I hate you

    The second is this: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these Mark 12:31
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  13. ChapterAquila92

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    Knowing a few members doesn't equate to knowing the entire group. Admittedly, it's a common fallacy to assume that groups, even those that we associate ourselves with, are monolithic in nature; they rarely are.

    Unfortunately, there are very few extant religions that survived without needing to prosyletize, and how far they go to do so is dependent on the level of control they have over the powers that be. Given the States' pre-independence history as being something of a dumping ground for puritans who were kicked out of Europe for being too extreme, it doesn't surprise me that Christian fundamentalism has developed deep roots in the modern US.
    There unfortunately are grounds for stereotypes to exist precisely because it's the most common first impression that people have towards the group in question, even when it's skewed through the lens of the "wierd and unusual" bias that the media has. That the vast majority of Muslims live in 3rd-world countries where life tends to be harsh and brutal under both secular and theocratic dictatorships doesn't lend itself well to a good first impression from an outsider's perspective.
    Agreed where holy texts are loosely adhered to. That is also a matter of sect and the overall society the local followers have adopted - the practices of Canadian Ismaili Muslims are vastly different from those of Saudi Wahhabi Muslims, for instance.
  14. Lcs

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    The purpose of a prison should be rehabilitation so as to teach people to recover from their crimes and become more productive law-abiding citizens who are less likely to reoffend. The use of a prison as a punishment tool merely makes it harder for past criminals to integrate back into normal life when they eventually do get out, and it ultimately leads to increased levels of crime.

    Anyone can make mistakes or be in the wrong place at the wrong time, so harsh criminal sentences are quite cruel. In the case of the crime being victimless, like prostitution or possession of marijuana, harsh sentences are even more excessive, and they are perhaps unjustified.
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  15. Kit H. Ruppell

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    Where in my post did I specifically mention Islam? I mean, it IS fairly well known by now that it combines the worst elements of Judaism and Christianity, but that's not exactly the point. My point is that the very ideologies by which homophobia, zoosadism, misogyny or whatever are inspired are largely defended by the same people complaining about them. "Not all X are Y", they screech, but when an X IS Y, the same people will defend them on grounds of their membership in X group.It's a sick joke, and anything but progressive.
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  16. MsRavage

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    it really doesn't matter if a religion is progressive though...its that persons right to worship as they see fit and if they're not enforcing their ideologies upon you or upon your government it should not be anyone's business but their own. It could be a religion filled with hate or disgust or whatever...its their life...that's true religious freedom...
    also, islam came before both judaism and christianity i believe...someone can prove me wrong but i recall these two religions took things from islam.

    @ChapterAquila92 you're right me knowing a select few members of the Muslim group does not define the entire group...i was hoping to state that because i know these said members that are not acting in the manner usually depicted of muslims, that it proves there are people out there that practice islam and have zero intentions of being extremists...that there are many people that are decent human beings trying to live life that choose to practice islam
  17. ChapterAquila92

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    It's actually the other way around. Islam is a younger religion than both Christianity and Judaism, and nowhere does this come up so plainly than in their timekeeping: Islam is in the middle of its 2nd millenium, whereas Christianity has entered its 3rd and Judaism is in its early 6th (Judaism, as a religion, remembers the Egyptian pharaohs and especially King Cyrus of Persia, both of whom having long since been supplanted by the Romans when Christianity took off. Islam started about a century after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire.)
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    Yeah. You wouldn't be able to spell a lot of words without the letter B. I think they're really good as well.
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