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Gov' Type?

  1. Democracy

  2. Republic

  3. Monarchy

  4. Aristocracy

  5. Dictatorship

  6. Democratic Republic

  7. Democratic Dictatorship

  8. Anarchy

  9. Other (Please tell if you have an Idea)

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  1. Hackfox

    Hackfox 502 Jump Squad

    What is your Idea of a perfect government?
    If you do not know what some of the choices are please google. :3

    America is a Democratic Republic BTW.

    A perfect democracy would be: A bandit has been chased out of town in the old west, all the people take a vote on to hang him or not. The hang him vote wins and they hang him.

    A Democratic Democracy would be: Once we have the bandit the sheriff rides up and says, "we cant just hang him this man has the right to a fair trial." So they take him back to town he goes to court and a jury of his piers decide.

    The Gov' has some say in Dem. Republic.
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  2. ChrisPanda

    ChrisPanda Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far

    PM David Lloyd George
    Chanceler Halifax
    Deputy Churchill
  3. Darkwing

    Darkwing Active Member

    Well, since I live in America, and since America is a Democracy, I would say that I am very satisfied with Democracy :)
  4. DarkNoctus

    DarkNoctus Frostbitten Furfaggot

    mai perfect government is no government I HAET TEH GOVERNMENT ANARCHYYYYYYY
  5. Darkwing

    Darkwing Active Member

    Whoops, I just read Hackfox's edited post.

    I feel very dumb right now :(
  6. Hackfox

    Hackfox 502 Jump Squad

    It's cool :3 I don't minds :D I think its cyote (cute)
  7. Ikrit

    Ikrit I'm fired up!

    waiting for none option.
  8. Darkwing

    Darkwing Active Member

    Oh, well thank you, I am flattered by your compliment.

    But in all seriousness, I should know what type of government my government is, I am pretty much fitting the American stereotype right now :mad:
  9. Jelly

    Jelly Guest no government.
  10. Attaman

    Attaman That was my downfall.

  11. Lasair

    Lasair Has World-Cup fever.

    Dem. Republic just as the ROI is now, with the following Dáil

    Enda Kenny or whoever the opposition guy is here :/-PM
    Alan Sugar-Finance Minister
    Chuck Norris- Defense Minister
    Stephen Hawking- Education Minister
    Kofi Annan- Foriegn Affairs
    Jeremy Clarkson - Transport Minister
    Andrew Lloyd Webber - Arts and Culture Minister
    Sir Alex Ferguson - Sports Minister
    Al Gore- Energy Minister (the only guy i can think of)
    Bill Gates- Technology Minister

    now thats the government to lead ireland out of recession!
  12. Hackfox

    Hackfox 502 Jump Squad

    Na, *hands you cookie* eat this... OwO It will liberate you >w>;
  13. Jelly

    Jelly Guest

    You didn't vote, brother. ^________________^
  14. I think I'd go for an evidence-based government. Probably run by a council which would take people's opinions into consideration but have a more final decision. Mainly 'cause I think pure democracy is retarded, but a dictatorship needs a good dictator, which is hard to find. I don't think there should then be one person in charge.
  15. Zolen

    Zolen Sanity? What's that?

    A place that I have absolute control!


    But really I like the USA system, while there is still curruption in it, its not as bas as what would happen if we had a king or dictator in charge.
  16. With a small dish of socialism on the side!
  17. Hackfox

    Hackfox 502 Jump Squad

    Amen, I love you. Please make passionate love to my tight tender pink foxhole. Kthx.
  18. Klay

    Klay Member

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  19. Hackfox

    Hackfox 502 Jump Squad

    Lol ohrly? come get it ;3
  20. Jelly

    Jelly Guest

    the body polity
    a tail hole
    do want

    alright that's my death poem
    ban me now
  21. Hackfox

    Hackfox 502 Jump Squad

    lol wut? Ok back on topic people XD

    Vote moar
  22. Kangaroo_Boy

    Kangaroo_Boy Senpai has noticed.

    Democratic republic.

    It's a good working system that doesn't rely on mob rule, has it's checks and balances, etc.
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  23. lilEmber

    lilEmber Small Dragon

    And a last amount of Capitalism.

    My favorite is socialism. Why? think about it for a moment, think about the national socialist party in German back before world war two. Hitler took a country in total poverty and distress, a country set up to take the entire fall for WWI by the entire world, and he turned the country into a super power able to take over almost all of Europe, most of northern Africa and western Russia. It can be the best, as long as who is in control doesn't go insane, but that can be said about any government.

    I think you're forgetting about prop 8 and just about every other mob rule vote that happens, bub.
  24. Aurali

    Aurali Banned

    2020 I start my conquest of the world.
  25. ChrisPanda

    ChrisPanda Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far

    Can I help :3

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