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  1. Yakamaru

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    No shit they are, bro.

    Google is heading for the ditch, and at an alarming speed, too.

    James Damore unwrapped the echo chamber that Google HQ is. The Streisand Effect worked beautifully for that in exposing it and making it widespread. have even shown a lot of interest in having James work for them.
  2. lupi900

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    Saw a article on it, lot's of sites seem to love having immature SJW's that can't handle any criticism on staff.
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  3. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru I stubbed my log on a car!

    Hahaha, oh yes.

    >The one who criticize doesn't respond to insults or ad hominems
    >Starts screaming while runing for the hills
  4. Sarachaga

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    I doubt it will die, unless a similar platform manages to appeal more to creators. But in any cases the way they are demonetizing ( I hope I didn't butcher the word) videos is truly concerning.
  5. Water Draco

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    Although it has given the push to many creators to look to other revenue streams including marketing their own products.
  6. Sarachaga

    Sarachaga You gain Brouzouf

    I've also noticed that having a patreon is also slowly becoming a norm.

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