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  1. Hi guy's!

    Just wanted to make a thread to post my art on here for y'all to see too!

    My FurAffinity is here ZannyHyperness FurAffinity

    And here are two pictures I uploaded today!



    He's from a joint Pokémon Nuzlocke myself and my friend thethinkingfruit are working on.
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  2. Caryatid

    Caryatid Καρυάτις,

    Ooh I really like your style! It's really dynamic, and I love the motion in it, especially in the clothes and hairstyle!
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  3. Aaah thank you! I'm really glad you like my style, and I'm so happy you love the motion in these, I love drawing clothes and hair in motion when I can, it makes the pieces feel more alive!
  4. MissKittyMouse

    MissKittyMouse Let me be good to you

    Nice! The second picture looks kind of like if Steven Universe was an anime! Haha!
  5. Oh my Gosh you just made me gasp and have the BIGGEST SMILE EVER, omg thank you so much ;v;

    I'm glad you like them!
  6. I finally figured out Mint's colour scheme!

  7. tiredbirb

    tiredbirb New Member

    awww you do expression wonderfully! love your friends D&D character in particular XD
  8. Aaah thank you! I'm glad you like them and Mint inparticular!

    I was going to upload a bunch of sketches I'd done recently here today! Might as well do them now too!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    WOOH I tend to do a lot more sketches than I do fully rendered pictures, especially since most my fully rendered pictures are commissions and most are NDA's, weh TTvTT
  9. tiredbirb

    tiredbirb New Member

    Ahhhh so so so much expression in these latest pictures!!!
  10. AAAH thank you you're too kind x3

    [24 Hours awake]

    Here are some doodles too of my Dragon Ball Z fan character, Comet!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. Orcashia

    Orcashia Blue Orca

    Love the style and facial expressions! expressions I'm still working on. :)
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  12. Riley (TGS)

    Riley (TGS) A Beak With Eyes Who Draws.

    Wow, all your work is so expressive and fluid! I love it.
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  13. Aww thank you! My favourite thing about doing expression's is you can pull them as far as you want! ALSO tip! Use a mirror and pull the expression in it to see how it looks, or take a photo of yourself pulling the face if you need too! It help's me lots!

    ;A; aah thank you! I'm really glad you think it's so expressive and fluid, I tend to struggle with the fluidity and I'm always excited when people say I achieve it! Thank you x3

  14. SO, two friends over on Tumblr and Deviantart drew their Pokémon Nuzlocke Trainers and their starter pokémon of choice as the Champions, and I decided to join the fun and draw my sunshine, Jamie and his little shit starter Sherbet as champions!

    I also used this as another excuse to use my new fuzzy fun brush again too!

  15. MadKiyo

    MadKiyo Villainous Fly

    It's very round, almost like it would bounce on impact.
  16. Thank you!

    Here's a new wip this time for a wallpaper for my patreon backers!

    Mae Borowski from Night in the Woods

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  17. Here's April's update to my Pokemon Nuzlocke comic!

    You can also find it over at the following links, to catch up on the story:

    Below the spoiler cut is the latest update though.

  18. I'm really behind on rent guys, aah.

    But I've been drawing more fanart, take a look!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  19. KiokuChan

    KiokuChan Active Member

    I really like the two pictures you posted on the first post. Good luck!!
  20. I'm planning to start doing Speed Paints on youtube, my first video botched up but here's the art piece I drew of my Dungeons and Dragons character, Mint as a Pony from My Little Pony!

    Mint Pony

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