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    Rest In Peace, Red and Milo

    Two beloved members of the forum, Redsavage and Milo, have passed on in a tragic car accident. If you'd like to join us in honoring their memories, please join us in this thread:!-We-love-you

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    Forum Rules (Revised 2014/01/28)

    Forum Rules

    Welcome to Furaffinity Forums, we hope you enjoy your stay here. In order to promote a positive environment, the forum staff has established the following rules, which you should follow at all times. A voluntary team of forum administrators and moderators will enforce these rules, watch over the forums, and be available to help and support users as needed. What follows is a list of things to do (and not to do) in the forums.


    • Keep the forums Safe for Work. NSFW links are allowed, as long as they're marked as such and link to safe websites where users must first register and log into their account before they are able to access any material intended for adult audiences. Remember, these forums are PG-13!
    • Be wise about choosing your username. While we do have threads for requesting an admin to change it, there are restrictions and it should be only used exceptionally. Try to choose a nickname that won't have users thinking you're a troll or a spammer.
    • Use the search function before posting. It's always better to revive an old thread with fresh information than to create a new copy of an existing thread, and if you wish to talk about a particularly popular subject (a game, some furry appearance in popular media, etc) chances are someone already brought it up.
    • Be civil.
    • Use the report button when you see someone breaking the rules, or to have a staff member review/lock/etc your thread.
    • Use common sense when posting.
    • Check the special rules certain subforums (such as the Black Market or Forum Games) may have.

    Don't (the following behaviour is susceptible to infraction):

    • Spam. This includes (but is not limited to) the pointless revival of old topics (whether the "thread revival" is relevant or not is ultimately left to the staff's discretion, use common sense), destructive thread derailment, double/triple posting, pointless posts (such as "inb4lock"), posting advertisements (except where allowed, such as the Black Market), posting only image macros, general chat threads (use IRC instead), creating threads solely to parody other topics, etc.
    • Post roleplaying threads. Role-playing is not allowed here. Similarly, don't post looking for people to RP with.
    • Abuse the font enhancements (like colors, and size and other accents).
    • Post multimedia content that plays automatically (such as videos), or rapidly flashing graphics.
    • Deleting/majorly editing the majority your posts/threads. Minor edits (such as correcting grammar mistakes) are allowed, but otherwise it's considered as spam. (The Black Market and Art Exchange are excluded) Think before you post!
    • Post malicious call outs towards users/staff.
    • Engage in lynch mob activity.
    • Post location shoutout threads. We have a thread for locations, and that's more than enough.
    • "Backseat mod". Use the report button instead.
    • Abuse the report button. This means sending empty reports, repeatedly reporting the same issue, reporting irrelevant issues, etc. Use common sense.
    • Use this forum as a personal ads site. Don't look for a job, for a date, or try to make a quick sell here. The only exceptions are subforums dedicated to art and fursuit trading.
    • Complain about your mainsite ban. We have a specific subforum to privately appeal your mainsite ban, use it instead. Similarly, don't try and use the forum to get priority on your Trouble Tickets over at the mainsite.

    Really Really Don't (the following behaviour is susceptible to an immediate temporary/permanent ban):

    • Engage in Unlawful Activity - Users promoting, endorsing or participating in illegal activity will be warned on first offense to take content off site. Repeat offenders will be suspended from the FA forums depending upon the severity. (Updated 2014-01-28)
    • Register more than one account, unless you're given express permission by the forum admins.
    • Use hate speech/discrimination based on gender/beliefs/race/orientation/etc
    • Malicious behaviour ("trolling"), including posting NSFW content without the proper warning.
    • Plagiarism without permission from the author (excluding Master Copies with proper credit)
    • Repeatedly break the simpler rules.

    The staff can, at it's discretion, issue warnings and infraction points for breaking the rules or generally disrupting the community. Most infractions are worth 1 point, though serious/repeated offenses are worth more. Gathering 3 points mean an automatic temporary ban from the forums, and 3 temporary bans mean a permanent ban. If upon returning from a temporary ban you still have active infractions points from before, you may contact a staff member to have them removed (at the staff's discretion).

    To appeal a decision made by a staff member, contact said staff member through private messages. If this does not solve the issue, either report the private message or contact Dragoneer or Chase. A moderator's decision can be overruled, but an administrator's decision is final.

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