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  • Wee! Everyone likes my collar~

    What is the exact use of you "waiting list"?
    *leans backwards* Woah. Hehe, nice one.
    I haven't been doing much at all. More active on the forums now that FA is down...
    it begs the question. does "shamelessly" mean without pants on? o.o
    haha. I was playing Chop Suey on my guitar today when my sister(4) and her friend(5) were in the room. It went from the clean intro to the chunky verse part and they ran out lol.
    lol Yeah, that would be interesting. :D

    I wouldn't call that a waste though. I've always liked eating outdoors; gives me an excuse to look around.
    That's way cool. I love biology, and I have a special thing for genetics and classification. The fiddle you say? Neat. I play the flute and the bagpipes myself.

    Weather is fun to watch I must admit. Depending on what's going on, it can really change one's thoughts and feelings.
    I only state what I observe. ;) So tell me, I already gathered you like things Celtic like myself, what other sorts of interests do you have?
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