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    FurryFall(A furry band of HammerFall)

    This is the first effort post I have seen on this forum in ages, awesome. Good luck.
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    RIP Mega Man 1987~2011

    OBJ-what!? How could they? That was the only point and click series I have ever enjoyed and it was massively popular with a rabid fanbase. If I recall there was even a play revolving around the game in Japan.
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    What made you smile today?

    Finally found good housing for next year signed and ready 4 months ahead of time.
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    Critique and possible redline?

    Its a little hard to tell about the torso, since the hair is covering everything up ;) One thing about it though: is that a leg poking out on the right (viewer's) side? If so, it looks a tad too thin. I don't have my tablet with my at the moment to attempt a redline (which would probably need...
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    Hiding From Yourself

    I am hiding websites from myself. I figure that if they aren't in my bookmarks bar i won't click them and then refresh and click them again over and over and over and over and... It would also be nice to spend less time on the internet, but it's alot harder to hide the internet from myself.
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    Anyone else hate furries?

    thinly-veiled self hatred at it's finest in here. * And as for me? I hate the masses of sexually-perverted minors that are in this fandom.
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    Just impulse-bought a bass.

    Its so much fun, good find. I've played bass for around 6 years now and it's truly a great way to unwind like you would on guitar but with the added benefit of longer slides, meatier tones and a crazy wide range. Try easing yourself into bass with some of these: - Dazed and Confused - Led...
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    Family Guy Online

    money-grab for a show that is losing ratings due to it's inherent crappiness.... it was probably a choice between a game or another movie to boost ratings. ...go watch futurama instead ;)
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    Sony PlayStation Vita

    This makes sense, Sony will see some fresh income from people that choose to root their system and run custom firmware. It has to run on something and that adds some cost. It's still a dick move, especially how it close it is to microSD (at least in terms of size/looks)...
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    Sony PlayStation Vita

    Its interesting to see how their penchant for creating locked propitiatory systems has come and bitten them in the ass here. Had the PSP used a more open format for the games on the PSP they wouldn't have had such a terrible time making something to port these games to a flash-memory-based...
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    My 445nm 1.6W compact labbie-style LASER

    oh it's been done ;) zNL_Q57Xn28 ...it aims for the wings: eYXPqrXZ1eU
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    My 445nm 1.6W compact labbie-style LASER

    I hope you own glasses (not the magnification kind)
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    From Tal With Love

    bass and drawing crap, this def. sounds familiar
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    Duke Nukem Forever

    just in time for my midterms.... dammit!