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    Free Art: Fur-drawing practice (I draw for you)

    Here's two that you might like :) Thanks
  2. _Inferno_X

    *re-boops* Heya

    *re-boops* Heya
  3. _Inferno_X

    Free Art: Advertising my art~!

    Super cute art! I've got two characters you can do whatever you want with :3 Thanks!
  4. _Inferno_X

    Free Art: SFW/NSFW/Whatever you like :)

    I'd love some nsfw of either of these two (or both) :) anything's alright, including ship. Thanks!
  5. _Inferno_X

    Hiring: [Closed] Have $35 for commissions

    I've got about $35 for a commission after an artist backed out so please post some examples and prices if you're interested. I'm looking for something with two characters, my own and my boyfriend's. We're open to both SFW and NSFW but want something cute and/or romantic. Cuddles, hugs, walks on...
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    Free Art: [DONE] Help me practice 2: The Horny Edition [NSFW]

    Oh wow, very nice! That is a fun perspective, I hope you had fun drawing it! Thanks so much!
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    Free Art: [DONE] Help me practice 2: The Horny Edition [NSFW]

    I've got 2 characters, choose whichever you want or both if you feel like it :) Inferno's in my signature and I'll put Kaleb's ref below. Inferno's kinks are listed on her NSFW ref and all pretty much go for Kaleb too. If you put them together she's usually the dom. If you're interested, feel...
  8. _Inferno_X

    Request: 2 Cute Chars (Artistic License + Potential Art 4 U)

    I totally forgot about this >.< I WILL do what I had promised, it might just take a bit longer, I love you character! Super sorry!
  9. _Inferno_X

    Sketchbook: Art burned on wood

    Cool, cool, thanks! It sounds pretty similar to my process, I just don't have the confidence to use my own art quite yet
  10. _Inferno_X

    Free Art!!!

    Yusss need nsfw art :3 Inferno's in my signature and her mate Kaleb is down below. Pick whoever you want but 'ship is encouraged. Kinks are on Inferno's nsfw ref and Kaleb is very much into bondage and pet play (hes a sub)
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    Free Art: Practice and Experiments (Closed)

    Interesting, ty very good ^.^
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    Free Art: Practice and Experiments (Closed)

    Inferno's in my signature (potentially good for candy corn if you're trying candy gore x3) and here's her mate Kaleb! 'Ship and/or nsfw is certainly encouraged and it's up to you who you choose. This is a rare gem to find here and I'd be a fool to pass it up! I'd be happy with anything you'd...
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    Sketchbook: Art burned on wood

    Beautiful, I also do woodburning. :3 Out of curiosity, do you draw your own designs on the boxes? So far I've only fully designed small little things (wooden spoons are fun) and all my bigger pieces I transferred on and burnt over. Also, what kind of paints do you use? I've found watered down...
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    Critique Request

    Adding another piece for feedback ^.^ Kind of devastated, photoshop glitched and deleted all my brushes! www.furaffinity.net: In the Clouds by InfernoX5515
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    Free Art: I Write and maybe Draw Things

    I know you said you're pretty full, but I'll leave this here anyways ^.^ I've got a little list of ideas for writing, mostly nsfw but some sfw/both. If you're at all interested in taking a look, feel free to message me. Thanks <3