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    Weirdest/Funniest thing you ever google searched

    I googled "what an damn fuck shall this" I have no idea why, but I laugh every time I type anything which begins with w in google, because it always autofills
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    It's spectacular; the 8th issue did not disappoint. I get sad when I read it, though. It's an emotional rollercoaster, so to speak.
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    Are there trolls on these forums ?

    This seems to be a phenominon which has escaped me. Jello fur? Was that a joke that missed it's mark to me, or is this like inflation and gore, which I only wish were jokes?
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    Pet Peeves of the Furry Fandom

    I personally hate the aforemetioned people who feel the need to insert "fur" into everything; the excessive cutesyness that pervades this fandom, and how much everyone complains, whether it be people complaining about "mundanes", or people complaining about people complaining about "mundanes,"...
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    No flight for 'Gay'

    Haha, I've seen that before always makes me laugh
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    Things in video games that annoy the @#%$ out of you.

    third person shooters in general are unnaceptable to me
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    scaryest thing u have ever seen

    Well, I was cutting a Jesus statue down from a telephone pole with my leatherman, and I turned around, and this guy was standing there, and I had to run as fast as possible to escape good thing he was fat, or I would have been in trouble
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    You know your a FurFag...

    I coulda SWORN that I had one. >:3 Coulda SWORN
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    Most loathed game you have ever played

    Did you have to close the pool?
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    Abusing thread.

    Theeeeeeeeeeeee INTERNET whether it be for porn, trolling innocents, 4chan, trolling, porn, trolling, trolling, porn, 4chan, or porn, the internet is VASTLY abused. And it was intended to be an innocent communications network.
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    Most loathed game you have ever played

    Dear lord, a voice of reason. it was like oblivion, but with worse graphics, gameplay, fun, storyline, and EVERYTHING LEAST FUN GAME EVER I can't even describe how awful this SHIT was.
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    Choose your exicution!!

    tl;dr, anybody?
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    Against The Grain: Furs Who Break The Stereotypes

    nah, I conform to your stereotype