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Aaron Pictus

My name is Aaron Pictus.
I am a Male Painted Dog and I live in the deep Southern Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa.

I am a digital multimedia designer by trade and study.

Aaron is my fursona but represents me as an individual as honestly as accurately as if I were standing before you irl.
I am a keen musician, qualified composer and guitarist. I am also a keen outdoors-pup and take joy in keeping fit and strong.

I always try to be kind and to love everyone who comes my way, because I ave gone though experiences that has taught be the value of love no matter who you are.
I have also learnt the value of loving strangers, because I never know who needs it most, and giving it freely is the greatest ability I own.

I am 6ft 2in (187cm) tall and weigh 176 pounds (80kg)
I have recently considered myself as Bisexual but like I always tell myself: personal growth in life is a valuable adventure.
I am reserved and set in putting great value in my relationships. More now than ever.
Sep 23, 1993 (Age: 29)
South Africa
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Wild African (Painted) Dog


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