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    What're your feelings on the new flood protection FA has?

    Some artists get lots of comments on their pictures and like at acknowledge or say thanks to their commenters individually, even with just small replies and emoticons. In which case, 30 is certainly a long time for comments. This makes it especially problematic for artists who get tens of...
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    Critique me

    http://i882.photobucket.com/albums/ac27/TheGleefulElf/6-9.png Would love to hear some, thanks! :) ~Aaros
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    Advice from artists on commission criticism/complaint/feedback?

    Here are my thoughts on the OP It's all-important to know an artist's policies and procedure for commissions. I know some artists send WIPs at commissioners constantly, and some barely show anything dependent on what they feel comfortable with, and you can find out from artists how they...
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    dropping in for critique!

    School starting again, been slightly busy, apologize for the slow response~ Thank you so very much for the thoughtful post and all the resources! I like all the advice I can get. One thing about the belly - might it tend to look flat naturally with plated scales like that? I'm curious, because...
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    dropping in for critique!

    Hmm, I always chalked that up to anthros with wings just being unrealistic. Is there even a workable way to draw wing anatomy on anthros? It seems like they're going to look unreal whatever way one draws them, so what would you suggest? Ah, noted for sure This is interesting, thanks!
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    dropping in for critique!

    Hey you all! It's been a long time since I've dropping into the critique forum last. Figured I'd show the picture I completed most recently for critique, and redlining is appreciated if anyone's willing! Specifically looking for tips on anatomy and lighting right now, working out how to draw...
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    when people don't pick up and pay for their comissions.

    I've actually always asked for %100 up-front payments on my commissions, never had a problem with that system. I'd add to those who say you should consider charging at least something up-front no matter what.
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    when people don't pick up and pay for their comissions.

    I've actually always asked for %100 up-front payments on my commissions, never had a problem with that system.
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    Favorite Furry or Anthro Artist?

    Top three (and their art speaks for itself as to why they are) are definitely nambroth, rah-bop, and alectorfencer.
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    Minor question about watercolors

    So you are sure you do this with every kind of watercolor paper? I haven't ever heard of doing that before! Interesting.
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    Minor question about watercolors

    I have used watercolors on and off for years and I've noticed a consistent (and expected) trend of the watercolor paper warp and bend as the watercolor painting dries. Usually I paint watercolors in layers, putting down softer and lighter colors first and getting darker and darker as each layer...
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    Critique and stuffff

    Ah, I see what you mean :) That's a good reminder to look at actual anatomy refs for wings before going to work :P I shall remember that in the future, thanks!
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    Critique and stuffff

    Yesh, I made another drawing to have critique on. MOAR http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2011/200/c/4/forest_light_by_aarosdragon-d410ua2.jpg Open to whatever critique you have, as harsh as you want :P Improvement is the name of the game here. I've been trying to fix my colors, light...
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    Fur Affinity/Furocity Joining Forces

    Seems I'm late to the party on this thread. Gotta say though, I'm kind of excited to see what will come from this. I've run across Furocity a bit in the past and even after just looking briefly through it the site seems more well-designed and better coded than FA, so I'm curious what use FA can...
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    Summer Update + UI Status

    All I can say is, I hope the emphasis on feedback and userpages in the design doesn't change. I like how prominent profile information, recent journals, and especially page shouts are on userpages right now. I hope the layout of userpages doesn't change at all, personally.