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    Human rights and sentient none humans, or what rights would furries have?

    I recommend the book Ishmael. The question asking set up of the main character is alittle annoying at first, however the book really asks this core question of human supremacy and how biology/ideology/myth/ separate us from nature. Also it has a talking gorilla, so there is fur value haha
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    If you could look back on your younger self what would you say.

    On the topic of looking back at ones self, and relating to your feelings.... Don't dispise yourself, seriously don't. If you learn to like, trust, and recognize that confidence is a illusion and use that to your advantage you will be better of that many people I swear. You're not too young to...
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    If you could look back on your younger self what would you say.

    In regard of the fandom. I'd tell the 14 year old me to stop bugging good artist and work on your craft. I don't have regrets.
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    I would like to know furries perspective on this....

    He's OK. my friend just recently showed me his channel. For anyone who thinks he's a dick, I recommend you go see his vids he has embarrassed himself I think than most furries. Also when he pulled the clock out I nearly choked on my laughter
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    Obscure films from the 70's, 80's?

    Artsy cult movies: I second Eraserhead, and fantastic planet is pretty wild. Im not sure what you are looking for, but just about anything with Jeff goldbloom is good (the fly, vibes) pink Floyd the wall, repo man. I suggest opening people's movie lists on IMDb and browsing threw, I find gems...
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    Top 5 Feminist Fails

    Ehh, idk one bad encounter + poor representation+ abstract reinsurance = flimsy grasp. Maybe talk to other feminists. I can't imagine you have the wisdom to know in full the broad range of feminism or what it has accomplished to make the world better. By your own definition of equality you. Are...
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    Top 5 Feminist Fails

    You are one angry controlling guy. It can't possibly be healthy to hate this hard on a broad concept/movement like feminism.
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    Top 5 Feminist Fails

    Never really heard of sexton, I think the no trend song "never again" has a opening sound bit from her work. Terry tempist Williams would be another good poet to add to these reflective prices. @Lasvicus I know you have all the answers but I can't imagine you have know a feminist outside of...
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    How much of the fandom is satirical in nature?

    The examples I described could definitely be sour without doubt. In the right place and time though, they could bring color to the world Like this When shit like this happens you kinda have to step back and appreciate how wild reality is. As if we live in the Kurt Vonnegut or GTA world...
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    Furry Songs

    Looking out my backdoor by creadence clearwater.
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    Hierarchy in the furry fandom?

    Fun and creative, bottom line. I've yet to see any hierarchy in the fandom and couldn't imagine such a stupid concept. As Ricky said it shouldn't be too serious
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    How much of the fandom is satirical in nature?

    You are like my favorite person on here right now, awesome input. I think a furry with confidence can make a joke of society beautifully and easily, as any "abnormal" person could. As far as how much of the fandom is satire, I don't know, but the potential is there. I really love the idea of...
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    Strange Dreams

    I love hearing about people's dreams, good thread. I have alot of nuclear and environmental destruction based dreams that I die in. Dreams where I talk to God or demons. There is always this recurring theme where the earth has extra contenets or new countries extended from korrea, northeast...