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    Why do YOU put art on FA?

    To hurt your eyes
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    Everyone's a fur EXCEPT you.

    I'd be happy. Last being alive who still has human rights. :D
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    Building my own search engine

    Good luck getting trough pal :P
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    Political discussion

    In America mud slinging is like baby kissing. Nobody gives a shit about it until the other candidate does it And then they expect it from the other too, if polit-drama is not offered on both sides they are dumbfucks enough to think that the mud-slingery side just didn't find anything so the...
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    Omfg <3 <3

    Beef Jerky or Reindeer Jerky, dipped in garlic mayo and salsa.
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    Furry instincts...

    Answer to that is to make the hole there yourself that the ferret can use. Or offer it many hides all over the house to hide things in to so it feels that all of its eggs are not in the same basket (because who knows that ferret next door might plan on hoisting one or two of those hides!). and...
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    Furry instincts...

    Oh man I know that problem all too well, lucky me I was able to break it by creative use of colorless nailpolish <.< And many people often refer to me as acting some way squirrely like my habit of climbing things like trees, lamp-posts, hanging from doorframes and bolting around instead of just...
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    Pics or it is a lie!
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    Moon furs around here?

    RE: Moon furs round here? What is "moon fur"?
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    My mother asked me about "furry" today.

    HA! This is some delicious copypasta. Does that mean i fuck animals now? I know it means all mexicans stab you in the gut.
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    My mother asked me about "furry" today.

    Clue one: Moot Clue two: In anonymous uniform Clue three: totally unrealistic scenario + forcefeeding of christian religion Clue four: "Guys, thread is an epic failure" = EFG / Epic fail guy MURK LOAR
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    My mother asked me about "furry" today.

    Troll pwnt, Thread over. This topic is now about bubblebobble.
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    What if you saw a furry?

    UR TRYING TOO HARD CLOSETFAG. On the subject of topic: I'd likely state the living shit out it, follow it a while until it'd snap at me and I'd get to explain him the obvious of being a furry who walks in daylight, out doors on the street of human world and how bad idea it is. Then knock...
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    http://www.reference.com/search?r=13&q=Therianthropy Nuff' said. Nobody here is a therianthrope. To claim to be one is abuse of the word sparked by ignorance and idiocy but not imagination. Now we can give it a rest and seek proper definition if we care.
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    Anyone own a chicken (or more =P)

    Go to KFC and get your chicken in a bucket.