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    Transformation art, anyone into that?

    I mean, I figured it was something like that, especially considering the bugs looked like they had an anus for a mouth. And the fact that he killed his wife. And went to go live in a weird secret dreamlike society filled with young gay men. And yeah there's loads of obvious sexual symbolism...
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    "Humanoid" artist looking to expand into anthro art...

    I find that a good chunk of furry artwork is just stylistically incestuous, ie. people drawing wolf and fox faces in only one style that imitates either Disney/WarnerBros/Balto/Bluth cartoons and then new artists copying those artists instead of studying from the basics first and developing...
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    Transformation art, anyone into that?

    I actually watched Naked Lunch on Youtube last night, I regret spending my time that way. I couldn't even get through it. LOL. Way too abstract and nonsensical to me, it struck me as being the kind of work that someone who has permanently fried their brain from drugs would produce. And then I...
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    Transformation art, anyone into that?

    @Pipistrele I have a few stories and characters that utilize exactly that kind of "transformation" you're talking about, where it's more like a "mode" of being or equipment upgrade thing, as opposed to a literal transformation. And yeah, that totally counts! I'm glad you also brought up the...
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    my (Fancy-Shmancy Artsy-Fartsy) art thread

    Got commissioned to do a werehyena, sorta-NSFW art, I labeled it as mature just in case: www.furaffinity.net: laughter by Activoid But if you don't wanna look at that, here's some embedded stuff that is totally SFW:
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    Is this a thing?

    I do animations like that, but they cost money. Obviously.
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    Thanks a bunch! My avatar is a pic of one of my critters, named Trufflecane! I have the full pic...

    Thanks a bunch! My avatar is a pic of one of my critters, named Trufflecane! I have the full pic of him here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18654567/ Glad you think it's cute, that was the plan and I'm glad you feel I accomplished it. <3
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    Any good reccomendations of Furry related shows, fan animation/shows etc.

    Furry Force, by Collegehumor, of course. B] B]]]]]]]]]]]]]
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    I write things

    "she only has 4-5 friends in the entirety of high school, so she really doesn't have anyone to talk to about problems." that doesn't make sense, 4-5 friends is totally enough people to talk to in high school. and adulthood. and real life in general. Also as soon as you mentioned trap I got...
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    Any advice?

    Unless you're a loaded trust fund baby, win the lottery, or make your own money, I'm gonna have to agree with your mom on that one. You're barely starting out in life, AND it's very likely you will grow in physical size at some point, so blowing loads of money on a fursuit that you'll grow out...
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    what would happen if anthros met humans?

    Look no further than X-Men to see how that would work out.
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    Looking for a master/mistress

    Maybe just try asking girls out, like most people do when they're looking for a relationship. EDIT: I retract that statement, put up a notice on Craigslist, you'll get all sorts of bites. Have fun.
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    FAF and Other Furry Terminiology ("What is 'Baawing'?")

    Most accurate comment by far. Many of us just like how critters meshed with people looks. Full stop. LOL
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    It's what the people want!!

    Also NSFW art sells REALLY well, but it is not the only type of art that sells well. Don't feel like you have to give up your soul to cater to people's fetishes for money. Though yeah, unemployment plays a part as well. Sorry for the double-post. Original post was getting long.
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    It's what the people want!!

    When I buy commissions, I take both price and quality of art into play. (And if it's someone I know personally, that usually is a factor for me as well, but that's just a personal preference) If someone's art is REALLY goddamn amazing, like Karla Ortiz or Todd Hebenstreit or Eric Geusz or...