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  • Just now your milipede crawled across my screen and absolutely scared the shit out of me.

    no srsly i'm not mad, but when I first saw it I went D;
    it was not fun. :c

    but hnngh imagine all of dose legs crawlin on you its just uugh
    Hey, you fuck.

    I am now very angry at you

    you know why?


    You are on my no-no list mister >:I
    Ah, I see. What about AIM or MSN, then? Do you go on either of those more often? I'm fine with whichever, truly.
    Ah... Hm. I was just wondering... Would you be interested in maybe chatting over Skype or something sometime? You strike me as being intelligent and rather amicable, someone I'd like to get to know.

    ...If not, that's fine too.
    Those were good times. They still had sea scorpions, the likely progenitors of all modern Chelicerates.
    Im now booking a ticket to Russia to go shopping with pass dictators :v
    Also poor Lenin lost his cake :C

    This article really made my day, thank you so much for showing me : P
    You're quote mining from a public discussion with a different context. So at that, I'm going to just end this. Have a nice day, and good luck with your situation and your family. I really do hope you succeed in life, even if you don't think you're capable of it.
    If it's anyone's 'fault', yes. You're the only person who could change your situation, and I fully believe you're capable of doing so. That's assuming we need to blame someone for everything though.
    How would something be ethically wrong with it? Ethics is about humanity. Humanity isn't responsible for your illness. I'm sorry, but all I've said is that you can succeed despite your illness. How does that translate to 'You deserve to die'?
    For the dozenth time, no. You're using the word 'deserve' here ad nauseum. Not only does it have absolutely no context, but it's completely irrelevant to anything I've said.
    You can read implications all you want, but that's no different from assuming. S.I. is deliberately obtuse in every argument she's been involved with here. I wouldn't like to think of her as an extension of you, or your personal situations. As I said, I actually think you're a very good person.
    Once again, I never said anyone deserves to die. You're being (understandably) emotional while I'm only dealing with logic here. If you agree it's not impossible, then I have no disagreement. There is ALWAYS a way, most people just don't know how to find it.
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