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    How and When Did You Find Out You Were a Furry?

    Several years ago, I also looked at furries with disgust. The fetish porn is what I first saw from the fandom, which made me instantly think of everyone as a bunch of weird perverts... The media is pretty unforgivable and shows the worst of everything. My opinion of the community improved after...
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    socialy awkward is an understatement >.<

    I think you just described my teenage years perfectly. I still do have social anxiety but I try to shrug it off. I do get incredibly anxious when eating alone in the cafeteria so I tend to make friends just to avoid that scenario;;; Also speaking in a foreign language to someone is...
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    Things you never learned in school

    Bank things are my main issues -sigh- I'm not even sure if I grasp the whole concept of "credits". Kill me. Also Sexuality. I was so scared to ask if masturbation had any bad effect on the body or if people could tell if I masturbated -shrugs- The Internet helps but sometimes you just need...
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    Has FNaF improved public views of the Furry Fandom?

    When I see the videogame, I see them as just screaming animal robots. I don't really know and it's not my place to say if they are furry or not... (been in the community for just a few months;;; ) However, outside of the furry community, pretty much everyone assumes they are furry. aaand not...
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    AWKWARD feelings Drawing adult mateial, tell your tail.

    I have never drawn furry porn. I've just been in the community for like 6 months but I do have some experiences with porn in my old fandoms. and well, my first time drawing porn was when I was 14-15 yo. It was more than awkward as I drew M/M (coughanimeyaoiphasecough). My penises were so wrong...
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    Sorry for the late reply! I'm glad you liked it <3

    Sorry for the late reply! I'm glad you liked it <3
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    Pressure-sensitive pens and other digital art questions.

    Jfc, Wacom doesn't stop surprising me! Huh, I didn't know that. I tried Manga Studio yeaaars ago. I gotta check it again later.
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    Draw the poster above you thread

    I haven't drawn female bodies in a long time... -sweats nervously- Chuchi I still don't have an oc/fursona... so this random thing is enough for me ´v` http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15343905/ (Sorry I don't have more references... ;;;; )
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    Pressure-sensitive pens and other digital art questions.

    Well, I haven't heard of pens with built-in pressure for touchscreen computers (?) but believe me, it's definitely worth it to get a tablet. The price depends on your needs and what you're looking for: - Wacom Bamboo are especially great for your first try. These are not expensive ($50-$120...
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    Greetings from a newbie!

    ¡Muchas gracias! No pensaba ver a otro hispanohablante tan pronto! I'm still trying to find my style but thank you very much! Drawing muzzles is really hard :/ Thank you guys for the welcome! So far, the forum seems like a great place :] I'll do as you say. I want to avoid any problem...
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    Price gripes

    I have never done commissions before but that kind of attitude bothers me SO much. The artist is the one who decides the price, not the commissioners. If they feel like it's too much and ask for a lower price, then they really do not have any respect for the artist nor their art. Don't let any...
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    I'm having like, REAL toruble drawing furries. Anyone have any advice?

    I just started drawing furry and I'm having trouble with the muzzle too! But it's becoming easier the more I draw it. So yeaah, draw muzzles until you are friggin tired of them. Use references and don't trace. (Use real animals as reference. It will help you way more than using cartoon/anime...
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    Greetings from a newbie!

    Thank you :] I'll be sure to remember that. Sarcasm on the internet has always been a problem for me... pffff
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    Greetings from a newbie!

    Hi everybody! I'm a total newbie in the furry community and it's also my first time drawing anthros. (I'm not even sure if I grasp the furry concepts correctly...) I used to draw just people (cough in anime style) but I grew tired and decided to move to furry! Since it's my first time here, any...