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  1. Adaquin

    Minecraft server

    Cant connect to server. cant reach server.
  2. Adaquin

    What's your Political Leaning?

    I'm pretty much right in the middle. Allow the gays to get married, and don't touch my f'in guns boyo.
  3. Adaquin

    How do you deal with madness?

    1.Loud angry Irish rock 2. Cigars 3. Whiskey ..I am going to die young.
  4. Adaquin

    Help the Tea Party save amurika's puppy mills!

    Oh man the Amish are not going to like this. Also you better be trolling op :|
  5. Adaquin

    Are you a furry?

    What you saying about me boy? But in all seriousness it was more symbolism than actual being the animal.
  6. Adaquin

    Underrated/Overrated (Anime titles)

    I think Paranoia Agent should have garnered more attention. Then again many "otaku" don't like it when what they are watching causes them to think. also Cromartie High School.
  7. Adaquin

    Best underrated cartoons?

    Sam & Max Freelance police, it was taken off the air because the jokes were "Too far over the heads of the audience"
  8. Adaquin

    Concealed Carry

    I don't know about you but people have tried to mug me, a lot. If I had a gun then yes I would carry, when I have my own place and can safely store a gun then I will carry. My thing is that most of the opposition to firearm ownership and carrying privileges have never been in a situation where...
  9. Adaquin

    Games you wondered why they where never continued

    A good Rouge Squadron video game by Factor 5.
  10. Adaquin

    Furry Clubbing?

    $10 cover charge , and a 2 yiff minimum.
  11. Adaquin

    Are you a furry?

    Just because I fap to pictures of anthropomorphic male cats engaging in homosexual acts. Draw anthropomorphic male cats engaging in homosexual acts. And discuss anthropomorphic male cats engaging in homosexual acts on message boards does not make me a furry. You shouldn't make judgments about...
  12. Adaquin

    What pokemon would you be?

    For reals pokemon, probably a espeon. Trolling like op, Leomon makes sense.
  13. Adaquin

    So, I got a quick question.

    Did I hear some one say troll, because I think i heard some one say troll. *gets out the green paint, and cool face*
  14. Adaquin

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Dicking about in Just cause 2, driving fast cars off of cliffs has suck a hilarious result.
  15. Adaquin

    wheres my D&D fursfags at

    I roll to disbelieve this thread