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Adelio Altomar
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  • I tried for about three months and could never get it. I eventually got fed and just stopped trying. I just moved on to grifitti, which youd think I would also have a hard time.
    That sucks. You should more then just one social group. Calligraphy is super cool. Im no good at it though unfortunately. I havent written any stories lately other then the summaries for what I hope will become an illustrated comic.

    Techno is cool but sadly Im not a huge fan. Making your own language? I wish I could do that. Im still tryin to learn spanish but it isnt going to well. Maybe one day I can see some examples of your language. Good luck on that though.
    Your handwriting and your avatar make you a winner. HATS OFF (not literally, of course. This thing doesn't come off).
    No worries, dude. It's something to have, though! *sleep time now, so I'll listen to the music tomorrow*
    Strange music? Like what? You want to hear strange music, check out Venetian Snares.
    Could we move this to IM perhaps?
    I could try spanish, but there'd be some angry translation problems.
    Not much is happening. I'm trying to entertain myself. How about you?
    Theres pleny you could do. Theres tons of volunteer work. You could work at a camp. Work for a friend, teacher, etc(you get where im going).Where do you live anyway?
    Im trying to get a job working with dogs. But before I am allowed to work I have to go volunteer at the humane society which is just a double plus for me. Have you tried getting a job?
    Lol i didnt eve say anything about that but now it makes me think lol. joking. are you also on summer vacation?
    are you asking for it or is the "*wagging tail*" on my visitor`s messages of approval? :lol:
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